MDG Is Your Keyword To SEO Success


If you’re unsure about whether you need SEO (search engine optimization) services for your site, odds are that you do. Because SEO compliance is a fact of life in the digital world, MDG performs comprehensive site evaluations to diagnose the issues that are preventing a client’s rise in competitive rankings in the SERPs (search engine results pages). Our site audits are designed to identify actionable improvements your company can implement to increase search engine exposure. We’ll investigate every facet of your domain and provide detailed reports that will explain what’s working for you — and what’s not. If your site isn’t structurally or functionally sound, we’ll let you know.

Full Audit

•  Comprehensive search-readiness report

•  Review and analysis of primary navigation pages

•  Review and analysis of internal linking

•  Review and analysis of information architecture

•  Usability and functionality analysis

•  Preliminary review of key-phrase targeting

•  Link profile evaluation

•  Domain authority visualization

•  Crawl-ability review

•  Pages indexed in major search engines

•  Strongest pages within the domain

•  Term-targeting effectiveness

•  Content evaluation

•  Evaluation of visitor traffic patterns

Segmented Audit

Depending on the nature of your site, MDG can develop a custom audit based on your needs. We can specifically test for any of the elements above, in depth, and provide your company with the research and insight you need to make informed decisions about optimizing or enhancing your domain.


Ever wonder how people navigate through your site or why one domain outperforms another in search engines? Ever consider why some websites present more effective conversion funnels than others? Curious to know how to better present your content, products, or services to potential clients? MDG can examine your site’s current information architecture to answer all those questions and, if need be, we can offer strategy or redesign recommendations to make your information easily accessible once visitors arrive. Our IA analysis includes:

•  Evaluation of navigation structure

•  Evaluation of IA from a search engine’s perspective

•  Evaluation of functionality from a user’s perspective

•  Evaluation of marketing-message integration

•  Traffic flow analysis and projections

•  Competition contrast


The most critical part of competing for traffic online and for prominent positions in the SERPs is having an understanding of what your competitors are doing – while you develop an actionable digital strategy. MDG can survey the competitive landscape with precision accuracy to determine who’s ranking where – and why. This is the foundation of reverse engineering your top competitors’ digital strategies, and will tell you everything you need to know about their domains. The competitive analysis includes:

•  Identification of primary competitors in the SERPs

•  Evaluation of competitors’ digital strategies

•  Evaluation of competitors’ optimization efforts

•  Outlining competitive strategy for direct competition

•  Evaluation of competitors’ domain authority

•  Evaluation of the competition’s link equity


Keyword research is at the core of search marketing. It’s the quintessential component of SEO and has everything to do with how people find your site through Google. Every single search carried out on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Ask starts with a keyword or key phrase. Wouldn’t you like to know what potential clients are searching for? Did you know you can find out for yourself? The heart of keyword research is targeting “long tail” search terms; terms which receive significant inquiry but are not being targeted by other sites. MDG can show you how to make sure you’re implementing the right terms in the right places – or we can handle the process for you. We’ll compile extensive reports of keywords ready to be implemented or we can evaluate the effectiveness of your current selection of key phrases. Included in keyword research are:

•  Generation of key phrases for your business

•  Detailed analysis of keyword effectiveness

•  Term-targeting evaluation and effectiveness

•  Term targeting through PPC (pay-per-click) testing

•  Examination of search terms across major search engines

•  Competition analysis for designated keywords

•  Keyword implementation on current site

•  Examination of site structure for keyword inclusions

•  A “best practices” guide to help you build a foundation for keyword research skills


Everyone in the digital world is talking about content these days. Filling your site with edgy content isn’t enough. It’s the words on your pages that have everything to do with search engine optimization and the actions your visitors take while experiencing your site. MDG’s goal is to intimately understand your business so we can provide you with the copy you need to convert visitors to buyers and make your marketing messages memorable. Keyword-specific content development/copywriting includes:

•  Implementation of keyword research into each piece of content

•  Development of custom articles for use within your site

•  Creation of copy designed to engage the audience

•  Placement of copy in relevant areas of the site

•  Editing services for previously written content


Successful SEO hinges on a variety of carefully implemented elements and of those, link building is one of the most important. Search engine algorithms (also called spiders or crawlers) evaluate the strength and credibility of a domain based on who’s linking to it and why. It’s critical to have a sizeable quantity of quality links pointing to your site from powerful domains related to your business niche. That’s why making sure you’ve got the right domains endorsing your site is at the forefront of MDG’s organic campaigns.

Link building includes:

•  Custom link requests and acquisition

•  Link opportunity location and identification of value

•  Submission to top-10 Web directories

•  Social media link building and network expansion

•  Link acquisition for targeted anchor text

•  Monitoring of domain authority during the process

•  A “best practices” guide to link building, so you can join in the effort
to make your site stronger


If your site is brand new, paid search marketing is the perfect way to kick-start your digital marketing campaign. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not as costly as you might think. MDG can manage Google Adwords and Yahoo search marketing campaigns — simultaneously if need be — to make sure the right traffic is arriving at your site. Paid search marketing includes:

•  Full management of search marketing campaigns

•  Keyword selection within budgetary guidelines

•  Monitoring of progress

•  Fine-tuning, as necessary, to build maximum ROI

•  Validation of conversion rates

•  Validation of effective calls to action

•  Evaluation of keyword selection effectiveness


MDG can provide your company with a complete plug-and-play solution to start communicating with your clients and establishing a voice for your company. We can promote your blog and also build traffic. We’ll take the time to make sure your words are being read and that your blog maintains the look and feel of your company. It’s easier than you think, and we can show you the way to build, or enhance, your reputation —professionally, succinctly, and effectively. Blog development includes:

•  Custom blog development on a platform you can work with

•  Content generation for your blog to get you started

•  Equipping blog with syndication capability and SMO

(social media optimization) capability

•  Promotion

•  Directory submission

•  Widget incorporation

•  Link building

•  Interactive features

•  Custom graphic design

•  Link to primary site or incorporation into primary site

•  A “best practices” guide to assist you in acclimating to your new

marketing tool


Quantifying and qualifying the traffic moving in and out of your site isn’t enough. MDG can implement a variety of tools to track unique visitors who experience — or even glance at — your site. We know who’s going where, who’s doing what, and where they’re coming from. Did you know that most search companies charge their clients for analytics that are actually free (ever hear of Google Analytics)? We take things one step further by meticulously analyzing your server log, visitor behavior patterns, and conversion funnel to provide you with the stats and numbers you need to convert sales and enforce calls to action. We can also help you utilize free tools to better understand how the Internet and websites actually work. Don’t worry, it’s easy, and you don’t have to be a programmer to understand them.


There’s no one-size-fits-all SEO solution. MDG can build a custom campaign to meet your needs. We develop our search strategy for each client from the ground up, and gauge the scope of the project to work within your budget. We’re white-hat practitioners to the core and believe in the honorable side of the SEO industry. We’ll work to optimize your site utilizing the most respected and cutting-edge techniques, while using only premium tools. Beware of the spammers and scammers out there who promise “guaranteed” results or “#1 rankings on Google.” The truth is, no one has that kind of control over search engines. In the world of search, there are no guarantees — only viable solutions to help your company compete in a perpetually expanding, competitive online marketplace.

Professional and Ethical Search Engine Optimization

The total number of optimization tasks performed will vary according to the type of website you have; i.e., HTML-only site; e-commerce site; or database-driven site. Some of the optimization tasks that MDG will perform are:

•  Content optimization (copywriting) of primary entry pages for

chosen keyword phrases

•  Optimization of the website’s information architecture

•  Optimization of the page HTML source code and script placement

•  Optimized file names, image names and directory names throughout

the site

•  Optimized page title tags for entire site

•  Creation of targeted description meta tags for entire website

•  Creation of targeted keyword meta tags for entire website

•  Creation and implementation of customized 404 error page

•  Creation of a search engine-friendly site map

•  Creation of optimized text-based navigation of the site

•  Optimizing interlinking within the web pages of the site

•  Controlling content headings through optimized CSS

(cascading style sheets)

•  Addition of robots.txt file for excluded content

•  Obtaining an optimized domain name for registration purposes only

•  Evaluation of website’s marketing message for increased visitor



Whether it’s Flash, poorly built HTML, or clumsy information architecture, there are a variety of elements that can go wrong in the development of a website. Amazingly, most web developers know very little about common SEO best practices. MDG’s award-winning design team can build a site that’s ready for advanced SEO tactics and will get found on its own over time. Whether you’re considering having a new site built or just having your existing site rebuilt for search engine “friendliness,” make sure you choose a developer who knows what’s what about search marketing. And companies that plan to build their own websites need to keep SEO in mind at the beginning stages if they intend to implement it down the line.


If you haven’t heard about Digg, Stumble Upon, Redditt, Magnolia, Lijit, Ning, Newsvine, Shoutwire, Technorati, Delicious, Furl, or Spurl, you’re way behind the times. How much would you pay to get your marketing messages and home page in front of millions? What if we told you it was free? Free, that is, if you’ve developed the networks on social network sites to broadcast your message.


It’s often difficult to set hard deadlines since custom projects typically grow or shrink as the work progresses. It’s important to accommodate the inevitable changes because it will provide a better end result. If you have a date by which a project must be completed, we’ll commit to meeting it to the best of our ability. Due to the nature of search engine optimization techniques and strategies, it’s impossible to guarantee a ranking by a specific date; instead, we strive to show how our work has improved your site’s ranking or performance from a search engine’s perspective within a designated timeframe.


•  Spam the search engines with doorway or entry pages. Google detects and bans sites that use this practice.

•  Cloak your website. Some SEO companies will make multiple copies of your website and register each one in the hopes of gaining higher positions. This practice is regarded as another form of spamming.

•  Keyword stuffing or any other form of hiding keywords that may be discouraged by the search engines, such has having text colors match background colors of the page so users can’t see them, but search engines can. Most search engines will detect the use of this practice and will disallow entry into the site.