7 Social Media Brand Values that Customers Value


Social media isn’t business as usual. In fact, many business-savvy brands are socially awkward at first. They find it hard to relate and communicate on social media channels. But once they learn which social virtues are valued by their audience, they quickly develop social skills and a faithful fan following. To help brands improve their social status, Forbes.com shared the social media traits that users expect and respect from brands.

1. Trust is a Must

Building a bond with users should be your first priority. People can tell when a brand is being deceptive, and they’ll respond by giving the brand the cold shoulder and warmly embracing competitors. To earn consumers’ trust and establish a good reputation, a brand must communicate directly with users, be sincere with their messages, and provide accurate information that’s valuable to the customer. But trust on social media can take some time to develop, so just stay consistently open and honest to earn consumers’ confidence.

2. Personal is a Priority

The brands that are most successful with social media take a personal approach. They infuse their personality into every interaction and express themselves like a person instead of as a brand. This humanizes a brand, which helps to build trust and boost conversion.

3. You Need to Be Unique

With so much competition for your audience in your industry, a brand must stand out from the crowd and show what makes it special. To find what makes your brand distinctive, review the personal qualities that only your brand can boast. Then, convey these unique charms into the social media experience to show how your brand is one-of-a-kind.

4. Responsiveness is the Answer

Social media is based on interaction, but a dialog demands a response or there is no communication. This is why brands must respond to every user post and inquiry in the social media space. This will let commenters know that their opinions are being heard and make new users likely to voice their views since they see that the brand is listening. But an automated response is perceived as insincere, so answer each inquiry individually to acknowledge the person’s needs

5. Caring Leads to Sharing 

When a brand shows that it cares in the social space, it lets users know they’re valued and leads to long-term loyalty. Brands can show how much they care by listening to users, encouraging conversations, and responding to each post personally.

6. Authority Implies Superiority

To make people trust and turn to a brand, it has to be viewed as authoritative in its particular industry. This turns people into followers who subscribe for social updates to learn from the brand’s expertise. Yet creating an air of authority doesn’t happen overnight. This demands steadily staying on top of issues important to the industry, and then posting informative updates or articles to share this current information.

7. Value is Vital  

In social media, people only return to brand pages that give them something they want in return. This sense of value can take many forms, from highly helpful updates to money-saving coupons, to free promotions exclusive to followers. All that matters is that the incentive is valuable to users.

Creating a social brand can take time and trial and error. But by learning from interactions, assessing each strategy, and making adjustments as needed, a business can become a very successful social media brand.

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