Online Videos that Play on Emotions Really Resonate with Viewers

Digital marketers have long been in awe and admiration of videos that go viral and have steadily searched for the secret to their shareability. It appears that caring could be behind this sharing as some recent viral videos have struck an emotional chord and struck viewing gold. posts the most-watched entries in its popular Viral Video Chart. The chart measures the viral performance of brand-driven social video ad campaigns through the patented Visible Measures analytic platform. Recent charts featured fascinating finds on sensitive subjects to reveal how viral success could all come down to creating reels that make us feel.

A brand-new entry on the Viral Video Chart for LA-based apparel brand Wren, called “First Kiss,” took the number-one spot in mid-March, with 63 million views. This online sensation paired up 20 strangers and asked them to engage in the very vulnerable act of kissing for the first time.

Watching “First Kiss” instantly brought viewers back to their awkward and anxious first kisses as the video’s cast couples tried to break the ice with shy conversation and sweet compliments. Other than the couples wearing Wren clothing, there was no apparent advertising or branding. But the video touched a nerve by touching on nostalgia, which sparked a flurry of feelings and flashbacks that led to a frenzy of sharing.

Fast forward to the following week’s Viral Video Chart and Wren’s “First Kiss” once again led the list with an additional 13.2 million views for a total of 82 million views.

In the second spot on that list was CoorDown’s moving campaign called “#DearFutureMom.” The video was a tender and triumphant tribute to World Down Syndrome Day that featured 15 young people telling an expectant mother about all of the things they are able to do despite their disorder. By sharing their strengths and successes, the video showed viewers that a life with Down’s Syndrome can still be fulfilling and filled with happiness. This poignant reel resonated with viewers to generate 3.8 million video views.

The common bond in these viral videos is how they touch on emotions to touch our emotions. From the thrill and fear of a first kiss, to the happiness and hope of overcoming the odds, these videos harness these personal experiences and display them in a way that fills us with feelings. By resonating on an emotional level, we want to watch them and love to share them.

Perhaps the secret to gaining viral success is not a case of logistics or logic, but simply the way a reel makes us feel.

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