Integrating Email Marketing with Social Media and CRM

The most successful email marketing campaigns are those that provide timely content based on the current needs of the consumer. Incorporating such customer relationship management (CRM) techniques can transform email efforts into coveted “Mighty Mouse” campaigns, which are initiatives sent to small populations that deliver enormous results. These Mighty Mouse campaigns perform more than five times better than the standard, segmented, and targeted campaigns. A prime example of Mighty Mouse marketing is an email campaign driven by social media actions. In fact, such socially triggered campaigns can generate approximately 10 times the revenue of standard email campaigns. To further explain the power of integrating CRM and social media into email marketing campaigns, offered information and insight.

Developing email marketing campaigns in response to social media actions allows brands to more effectively engage consumers by providing content that’s relevant to their precise actions at the exact time they’re online. This is the essence of CRM and it shows consumers that the brand is responsive to their immediate needs, which leads to stronger customer relationships and loyalty.

It also distinguishes which consumers are interacting with the brand most often. These consumers usually have the highest levels of both brand and social media engagement, which signals their potential to become long-term customers and brand advocates.

Identifying these socially strong consumers is relatively easy because they generate high response rates to emails. Beyond their individually high open rates, they actually have the power to enhance a brand’s online reputation and increase the inbox delivery of the brand’s email marketing campaigns among their large social media networks.

These consumers are extremely valuable and should receive special treatment in the form of exclusive promotions and opportunities with the brand. They should be targeted for new customer acquisition programs since their recommendations can be highly influential to prospects. Most importantly, the brand should create a special social media microsite specifically for engaging with these extremely loyal customers. The microsite can display all of a brand’s social interactions on their many social media networks in a single place. The loyal customers invited to this microsite will enjoy being able to view all of the brand’s social media efforts in one place and such exclusive access will make them feel appreciated by the brand.

Within this microsite, customer behaviors can be easily monitored so brands can track when visitors are engaging with various social media elements, whether posting on message boards or watching brand-related videos. These actions can trigger the delivery of targeted emails that respond to what these coveted consumers are seeking or saying. The emails can provide rewards, encourage the sharing of content, or virtually anything to build the brand and the customer relationship.

As you can see, it’s this synergy of email, CRM and social media that can make an email marketing campaign into a “Mighty Mouse.”

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