6 Creative Ways to Use Twitter Vine for Healthcare Marketing

Video can make a major impact and leave a lasting impression. When that power is paired with the strength of social media, the results can be truly remarkable. Now, that mighty marketing combination is available via Vine, the mobile app from Twitter that can be used to record and share brief videos. Despite its six-second limit, content creators are already getting creative and producing video snippets that inspire, promote, educate, and entertain. In fact, their brief length makes people more likely to watch them since they know they’ll be short and sweet. To help healthcare marketers create the most compelling and beneficial videos, WordViewEditing.com offered the following savvy suggestions.

1. Spotlight Your Supporters – Satisfied patients and passionate employees can be a powerful form of advertising, so let these advocates sing the praises of your brand on video. Help each of them create a personal video and attach it to the brand’s #hashtag for the world to see and share.

2. Exhibit New Technology – Give the facility a competitive advantage by highlighting new medical equipment via video. Show how the facility prides itself on having the latest advances in treatment and testing, and then briefly show how it works—and works wonders.

3. Celebrate Special Occasions – There are an abundance of special days, weeks, and months devoted to different health issues and Vine is a great way to show the organization’s support for these occasions. Healthcare videos can feature inspiring messages to encourage support, personal stories of hope and survival, and interesting facts that grab attention.

4. Hype Up the Hospital – If the organization is about to unveil a new building or a renovated area, create a teaser video as a way to promote the debut and spark buzz about the event.

5. Offer a Virtual Tour – Introduce potential patients to your facility by offering a virtual video tour. Show off the high-tech features and beautiful surroundings, as well as the friendly faces that staff the facility to leave a likeable and lasting impression.

6. Promote Upcoming Events – Spread the word about fundraising, health classes, blood drives, and other events by creating brief teaser videos. Make the videos upbeat and promote the benefits of the event to encourage attendance.

Vine is an outstanding way to leverage video and social media all at once. It offers enormous potential to healthcare marketers as they strive to connect with consumers in the most convenient and contemporary ways.

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