3 Reasons Marketers Must Go Mobile

Now that mobile has moved into consumers’ daily lives, experts agree that it offers one of the greatest growth opportunities for brands. eMarketer reported that more than 50% of digital searches are conducted via mobile, while 66% of emails are opened and read on a mobile device. In order to take advantage of the potential of mobile marketing, it’s essential to devote the necessary resources for crafting a successful mobile strategy. For some help in securing these marketing resources, Business2Community provided three reasons why mobile is a must for marketing success.

1. Mobile Offers Insight into the Minds and Motivations of Consumers
Mobile consumers are focused on digital discovery and immediate access to information. Their mobile phones now let them engage with new products and brands at any time and from any place. Analysis of these mobile discovery and research practices provides valuable information about the conversion process. As a result, mobile gives brands a major advantage by offering greater insight into what consumers really want and how they engage through various media channels.

2. Mobile Lets Marketers Penetrate New Markets
Mobile marketing campaigns open up unlimited opportunities for reach and engagement in additional markets. Positive mobile experiences not only increase online sales, but also substantially boost a brand’s market share and customer loyalty. But, marketers must remember to optimize all campaigns for mobile viewing and for tracking mobile conversions in order to reap real results.

3. Mobile Lets Marketers Expand Their Ad Options
While mobile provides a convenient digital extension of desktop campaigns, it also offers many new ad types for marketers to leverage for mobile. Some examples of these mobile ad options include mobile-only display ad sizes, mobile-only Instagram ads, and Facebook’s click-to-call and click-to-find mobile ad extensions. These mobile ad formats and features provide marketing professionals with many new and exciting options for connecting with consumers.

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