The 10 Rules of Modern Marketing: Creating “Customer Love” in The Digital Age

Customers have become the central focus of modern marketing, so brands need to create digital experiences that appeal to the consumer in a personal yet persuasive way. While every brand is different, there are some universal rules to making marketing strategies convey a sense of personal fulfillment and create customer desire. outlined these 10 tenets of modern marketing in the digital age that let customers know you care.

1. Marketing Differs from Advertising – While advertising is usually the one-way expression of a message, marketing is the two-way dialogue between the company and the consumer. Now more than ever, marketing is about building relationships and connecting to the customer on a personal level. Show consumers that you want to interact with them and they will reward you with their engagement and enthusiasm.

2. Fifth “P” of Marketing is Participation – The interactivity of our world has empowered consumers to get involved with the brands they value. Let consumers know that their opinions matter by allowing them to participate in the development of the brand. This will give them a sense of ownership in the brand and ultimately increase their loyalty and advocacy.

3. Listening is Vital – The Internet has made it easier than ever to hear what customers are saying and sharing about a brand, so pay attention to their conversations throughout online review sites, social media networks, community message boards, and other digital forums. Listen closely to learn a lot about how the brand is perceived and ways it can be improved.

4. Talk is Free Publicity – Encourage customers to share their experiences and spread the good word about your brand. Personal recommendations are one of the most trusted and influential forms of marketing, in addition to being free of charge yet full of benefits.

5. Focus on “Me-Commerce” Rather Than E-Commerce – Give general online marketing efforts a more personalized tone to make customers feel like they’re having a one-on-one experience with the company. From customizing products to offering personalized customer service, this shift in sales approach will make customers feel personally valued by the brand and is likely to lead to higher sales.

6. Mobile Marketing is a Must – The ubiquity of mobile devices has redefined marketing today and made it easier than ever for brands to connect with consumers at any place and any time. Take advantage of mobile technology by developing mobile marketing campaigns and websites for smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices so consumers can experience the brand on-the go.

7. Content is KeyDevelop content that is relevant to the brand and the ways that customers use it. Keep the content fresh, original, and interesting in order to maximize engagement and increase the likelihood that customers will share it with their social media networks.

8. Encourage Employees to Be Brand Managers – Every person in an organization is a representation of the brand, so make sure that they are all knowledgeable about its benefits and features. More importantly, each of these people must also treat customers in a friendly, respectful way since their behavior is also a direct reflection upon the brand. With the power of social media, a customer’s negative experience with an employee can have endless repercussions.

9. Take Advantage of Technology – Today’s technology makes it simple to monitor and measure brand performance to show a company which approaches are working and which could use some work. Seek out the latest high-tech tools and techniques in order to enhance the user experience and maximize the effectiveness of digital marketing strategies.

10. Be Choosy About Channels – The ever-expanding variety of online platforms makes it tempting for a brand to appear on every single site, but this is a waste of valuable resources. Instead, consider how the channel fits into the lives of the target audience and only pursue online platforms that appeal to the brand’s customer base and are relevant to the brand itself.

These ten savvy marketing strategies can make it easier for brands to build better relationships with their customers. They can also help brands develop digital marketing that’s on trend and in tune with the needs of their target audiences.

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