Learn the Ins-And-Outs of LinkedIn

Learn the Ins-And-Outs of LinkedIn
LinkedIn has risen in the ranks to become the prime place for professional social networking. But the website’s rapid evolution has brought up some questions among LinkedIn’s loyal users. Hubspot.com recently answered some questions to help you capitalize on the site’s capabilities.

How is a Company Page different from a Group?
A Company Page is used to announce company information, share helpful business content and engage with your brand’s followers. A Group is a place for individuals to discuss relevant news, current events, and opinions on particular topics. Members can only post to Groups as individuals, not companies.

How often should you post Company Page updates?
While you want to keep your content fresh by posting on a frequent basis, you don’t want to risk annoying your followers with a flood of posts each day. Your ideal number of daily posts will depend on what works for your company, but remember that quality is more important than quantity.

Is a Company Page the same as a business account on LinkedIn?
No, a Company Page simply lets LinkedIn members learn about your business, while a business account allows you to create ads and Sponsored Updates.

What is a Sponsored Update?
This is a new kind of native advertising on LinkedIn. A Sponsored Update lets you expand your brand’s reach by delivering your best content directly to the news feeds of your target market, as well as across all types of digital devices. With LinkedIn’s advanced targeting features, you can reach the exact audience you want based on their demographics, group involvement, skills, location, and other factors.

How do you buy Sponsored Updates?
Sponsored Updates use a bidding model that lets you set the maximum bid you will pay for a click or impression, and then only shows your Sponsored Update when the cost is below your limit.

How are engagement, impressions, and clicks measured on Company Page posts?
LinkedIn provides metrics
that let businesses determine which posts perform best. Engagement shows whether your posts were engaging to followers and the engagement rate is based on the overall number of likes, shares, clicks, and comments divided by the total impressions. These impressions are the number of views that a post receives, both on your Company Page and in a person’s news feed. One person can account for multiple impressions. Finally, clicks are the number of people who click on a post to either view its content or visit your Company Page.

How can you attract more traffic and followers to your Company Page?
If you want people to visit and follow your Company page, you have to invite them. Add LinkedIn follow buttons throughout your website. Place links to your Company Page on every email. And put social share buttons on all of your content. These will let people known that you’re on LinkedIn and you want them to join you. But the way to make people naturally find you and keep coming back is through a steady stream of compelling content that piques their interest and prompts discussion.

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