Sony Debuts Wearable Tech for Tracking Your Daily Digital Life

Sony Core
Want to know what music you listened to on a particular day? What friends you interacted with on social media networks? Wondering how long you slept or how far you ran? According to GIGAOM, you’ll soon be able to track all this and more with Sony’s new wearable technology gizmo, the Core.

Although there have been many recent tech entries in the quantified self category, most zero in on the needs of the health conscious. The Core is the first to go beyond physical activity and sleep monitoring to include additional daily data such as photos, social media interaction, and entertainment. Sony dubs these digital snapshots, “life bookmarks.”

The bookmarks are created by pressing the Core’s single power button. In addition, the Core has three LED indicators and a vibration motor that lets you know when you’re receiving a phone call. Although the device has no display, it connects with your smartphone via Bluetooth. This is presumably how you will view the data you’ve collected.

It’s still unclear, however, exactly how the device will deliver the promised overview of your day. Most likely, the Core will send regular sensor data updates to your phone. These will be incorporated with the social media and entertainment data it collects. A companion app would then correlate the information and provide an overview of the day’s notable events.

The Core is extremely lightweight and roughly the size of a USB key. Sony CEO Kuni Suzuki calls it, “the tiniest gadget Sony has ever made.” It fits neatly into a wristband, making it convenient to take “life bookmarks” throughout the day.

Sony admits the Core is still in development and final details have yet to be finalized.

Although no specific date has been set for its release, Sony plans to begin selling the life-tracking device later this quarter.

The European model is expected to go for 99 Euros (currently about U.S. $133). No price for the U.S. version has been determined yet. The SmartBand accessory will likely ship in three-packs. Sony has also entered into negotiations with other hardware manufacturers to produce a wide variety of accessories for the Core.

Expect to learn more about the Core and its capabilities soon. Sony has promised to reveal additional details at next month’s Mobile World Congress.

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