View June’s Best Branded Video Advertising Campaigns

The popularity of video has led many companies to develop branded video ad campaigns to take advantage of their unlimited exposure and shareability. These must-see productions are often some of most clever and compelling creations on the Web. found the most successful and shared branded video ads of June and you can see their featured favorites below.

The most popular branded video ad campaign in June was GEICO’s Happier Than A Camel on Wednesday. The U.S. insurance company’s ad received 878,231 shares last month. This was 120,000 more shares than the second-place ranked Sony video for its PlayStation that playfully poked fun at rival Microsoft’s new game-sharing policies. The third spot belonged to an Adobe documentary-style video that paired a PhotoShop artist with unsuspecting people at a bus stop and let his creativity run wild.

The fourth position was filled by Melbourne Metro’s cartoonish and clever public safety campaign, Dumb Ways To Die. The campaign swept Cannes Lions 2013, winning five grand prix awards to become the most successful campaign in the history of the festival. Despite its launch last November, the video still drew more than 270,573 social shares in June.

Red Bull roared into the fifth position with a video that set cyclist Danny MacAskill on a wild and whimsical obstacle course, while Samsung swiped the sixth spot with a behind-the-scenes peek at Jay-Z’s rapping process and prowess for his new Magna Carta Holy Grail album. The seventh spot belonged to THINK!’s #PubLooShocker which mixed scary special effects and horrified reactions into a public awareness ad that got viewers shaking and sharing.

Eighth place went to Evian’s video that literally brought out the kid in its actors, while the number-nine position was held by a Huggies ad that let dads experience pregnancy. And the tenth spot was clinched by Cheerios, whose ad received a lot of social controversy for its depiction of a biracial couple.

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