It’s Worth Spreading the Word About TED’s “Ads Worth Spreading”

TED Competition- ads worth spreading

Today’s viral video obsession has made the act of spreading ads the ultimate sign of success for marketers. Each year, the most incredible spreadable specimens are honored in the TED “Ads Worth Spreading” competition. The creative contest is sponsored by the TED nonprofit organization, whose mission is spreading worthwhile ideas, and the winners are selected for their ability to inspire others. This year’s competition focused on brand bravery and the winning works used emotional storytelling to move and motivate audiences. reported on which ads became TED’s top spots.

One of the picks was Procter & Gamble’s “Pick Them Back Up” spot, which proved that a mother’s love is limitless, through scenes of moms helping their young athletes prepare for the Winter Olympics.

Another heartwarming winner was Dove’s “Camera Shy” spot. It chronicled a self-conscious girl’s transformation into a confident woman who believed in her beauty.

Hope was at the heart of “Homeward Bound” from Google, which shared the inspiring story of a man who found his way back to his family by using Google Earth after being sadly separated as a very young child 25 years ago.

Then there was the touching tale of “Basketball” for Guinness that revealed how friendship defies all limitations.

Rather than touching the heart, Adobe touched on humor with its “Click, Baby, Click” commercial that showed how much can go wrong when your software isn’t right.

The laughs kept coming with Virgin America’s upbeat spot called “Safety Dance.” It featured a flight crew singing and dancing their way through a mix of musical styles to provide passengers with important safety information.

And inspiring awe among many was “A Boy and His Atom” from IBM, which showed their work in action by using atoms to create the world’s smallest movie.

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