Television-Viewing Gap is Driven by Devices

Today’s television-viewing habits are divided among demographics, with people under age 35 watching less and those over 35 tuning in more than previous years, according to recent Nielsen research. The New York Times reported on the reasons behind these TV trends.

It appears that devices are making the difference in our TV viewing habits. While younger people are watching the same shows as their elders, they’re more likely to stream them on mobile phones, tablets, and computers than watch them on traditional televisions. With the growing number of television alternatives, from online videos to mobile devices, today’s youth has numerous new media vying for their time and attention.

This move toward new media has been expected for some time, but the Nielsen research is the first credible evidence of the shift. Analysts predict that the effects of this trend could be enormous and may eventually drive billions of annual advertising dollars away from conventional television.

Media executives admit that there’s been a drop in viewing among those under 35 over the last three quarters, but they say there’s no need to panic, since this hasn’t had a major impact on the ratings for various channels and TV continues to be a leading medium among other demographics. Still, they’re closely monitoring youth viewing behavior to see how their habits progress.

While children today see no difference in watching shows on television or on alternate viewing devices, Nielsen counts computer and mobile streams of shows separately, which makes it more difficult to get a realistic view of our changing habits. As a result, the television industry is pushing for a way to measure online and mobile viewing as reliably as television viewing activity.

For now, the decrease in TV viewing among younger demographics is causing media executives to reevaluate and revise their media strategies.

“This is why we’re incorporating more digital and online video,” said Billie Gold, the director of programming research for Carat USA, an ad-buying agency. “We know it’s a place to replace some of the young audience that is leaving television.”

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