How Pinterest Can Take Shoppers from Awareness to Action [Infographic]

Pinterest was made for shopping. Literally. Unlike other social networks built around updates and feeds, Pinterest was built around Pins and Boards—formats intended for exploring products and ideas.

This simple and serendipitous structure has made the platform highly popular with today’s shoppers:

  • 300+ million people use Pinterest every month
  • 55% use Pinterest to shop
  • 84% use Pinterest to learn about new things

How can your brand benefit from this behavior? Which approaches work best to engage audiences at different steps along the path to purchase? To find out, check out MDG’s latest infographic, How Pinterest Can Take Shoppers from Awareness to Action.


Because Pinterest is all about saving and sharing interesting new finds, it’s ideal for building awareness:

  • On the platform


To build awareness with new audiences, consider paid formats in addition to organic Pins. Specifically:

  • Promoted Pins and Videos

Best Practices

Sparking Pinterest users’ curiosity largely comes down to creating compelling content and providing context:

  • Create content around seasonal and special moments:
    • Referencing these drives a 10x increase in aided awareness
  • Call out features that make your products unique:
    • Pins with “new” in the text have 9x higher aided awareness
  • Make the most of your Pin descriptions:
    • A brand name in the first line drives 2x higher awareness

Pinterest audiences don’t just use the platform for inspiration; they’re often also considering purchasing.

  • 84% of users turn to Pinterest when they’re trying to decide what to buy


To educate consumers about your offerings, consider using formats intended for showcasing, such as:

  • Promoted Carousels

Best Practices

Building consideration is driven by effective use of Pinterest’s targeting, tracking, and engagement tools.

  • Target your Pinterest ads to boost consideration:
    • Use criteria like interests and keywords to reach the right audiences
  • Utilize the Pinterest Tag to track your efforts widely:
    • See if your on-platform efforts are generating leads, etc., elsewhere
  • Create content to reach shoppers on the go:
    • 67% of users look at saved Pinterest content while in stores

Pinterest’s audiences are very open to purchasing products that they discover on the platform.

  • 98% of users have tried something new they found on Pinterest


To spark action, utilize Pinterest formats that allow for direct linking to shopping, such as:

  • Product Pins

Best Practices

Compelling audiences to take action on Pinterest is all about targeting and the user experience.

  • Set up conversion campaigns to boost click-throughs:
    • This ad option will deliver media to the audiences most likely to take action
  • Target the most active and engaged Pinterest users:
    • 83% of weekly Pinners have made a purchase based on brand Pins
  • Ensure that your landing pages are fast and consistent:
    • Completing actions on your site/app should be quick and simple

Ultimately, Pinterest can be an incredibly powerful tool. By utilizing the right formats at the right stages and following these key best practices, brands of all types can efficiently and effectively achieve their goals.

To find out more, take a look at our full infographic, How Pinterest Can Take Shoppers from Awareness to Action.

How Pinterest Can Take Shoppers from Awareness to Action [Infographic]


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