Even More Misplaced Ad Placements

MDG recently revealed some amusing yet awkward outdoor ad placements in an effort to alert marketers to the perils of poorly placed advertising. Apparently, not everyone heeded our words of warning because MSN.com posted even more ridiculous and regrettable ad placements. While they included plenty of outdoor oddities on billboards, buses, and store signage, they also featured some wacky Web placements and shocking newspaper spots. Check out these comical yet crass errors in ad judgment.

Image of “Walking Dead” billboard next to funeral parlor

Once again, billboard blunders made a frequent appearance. Perhaps this billboard for a gun-slinging TV show called “The Walking Dead” shouldn’t have been placed beside a funeral parlor.

Image of a candy sign near a poster for diabetes medication

Store signage can also spell trouble, like with this sign for candy placed near a poster for diabetes medication. Definitely not the sweetest idea.

Image of a newspaper article titled Mothers On The Brink.

Improperly placed newspaper ads
also gained attention, only for all the wrong reasons. Too bad this sunny ad for McCain bread with its headline about feeding rumbling tummies was placed dangerously close to an article about starving families. Certainly not the most tasteful placement.

These are just a few of the examples of ads gone astray. They may be humiliating to marketers, but they’re still humorous to viewers and have captured the attention of audiences around the Web. While laughter may not have been what advertisers were after, these embarrassing ads still grabbed our attention and made everyone notice the brand behind the blunder. Here are a few more.

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