Tap into How Technology Affects the Minds and Motives of Millennials

Technology Affects the Minds and Motives of Millennials
For Millennials, technology is more than a convenience—it’s a constant companion that keeps them connected to everything and everyone in their lives. This generation of 18- to 36-year-olds is always plugged in, logged on, and fully charged to ensure that they don’t miss a moment of their friends’ and followers’ lives. Their digitally driven mindset has propelled social media and technology to new heights and redefined the way we all live today. With 77 million Millennials in the U.S. alone, marketers can’t afford to ignore this tech-savvy segment, who tend to spend their time and money online. To help marketers understand how technology affects and reflects this generation of digital individuals, a new Nielsen report offered insight into their inner workings.

Technology is virtually programmed into Millennials, who were the first generation to completely come of age with cable TV, cell phones, and the Internet. According to the report, one-quarter of Millennials ranked “Technology Use” as the most defining trait of their generation.

As a result of their aptitude and attitude toward technology, these young adults have a much more positive view of technology’s impact on their lives than any other generation. An astounding 74% of Millennials said that new technology eased and enhanced their lives, while more than half believed that new technology kept them more closely connected to friends and family. No wonder they’re constantly connected to their digital devices, with a whopping 83% admitting to sleeping with their smartphones within arm’s reach.

And speaking of reach, Millennials reach out to people through their digital devices, often opting to socialize via social media. Almost three-quarters of Millennials favor

Facebook for connecting and many view its founder, Mark Zuckerberg, as the face of their generation.

So what’s driving this devotion and dependence on digital devices? It may be Millennials’ access to technology that allows them to stay social 24/7. Marketers should take note that younger Millennials access social media sites more on laptops than mobile devices, while older Millennials are more apt to opt for mobile apps when socializing online. No matter the means, this generation generally connects to social sites around 21 hours per month.

Beyond getting their social lives in order, Millennials use technology to get their finances in order. They manage their dollars digitally by going online for their banking, investing, trading, insurance, and other financial activities. They also spend time online looking for savings by using apps for finding promotions, deals, and discounts. Millennials are more cost-conscious than many other generations, and deals actually account for almost one-third of their shopping dollars.

For marketers trying to reach Millennials, it pays to know how technology plays a role in their lives. It’s their passion, their preference and their personal lifeline – and the only way for marketers to form a connection.

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