How Healthcare Marketing Should Take Care of Engaging Consumers

How Healthcare Marketing Should Take Care of Engaging Consumers

Healthcare marketing is changing at such a rapid rate that many tried-and-true methods no longer lead to results. While brands boasting about their benefits may have worked well in the past, today’s consumers are much more concerned with what their peers think of a brand. That’s why they search for healthcare opinions and options on social media channels. To help brands see the value of this supportive social media setting, offered advice on getting social with their healthcare marketing.

Healthcare marketing has gone in a digital direction, especially for the discovery phase, as consumers search for solutions. Today, consumers are going online to seek answers, advice, and assistance on all kinds of health matters. Some start their searches on Google, while others turn to trusted blog writers, find facts on medical websites, or establish online forums.

The Web is their way to collect information and take their health into their hands. This matters to them more than ever since today’s consumers are not as trusting as previous generations. They don’t know which providers to trust or which products live up to their promises. And increasing concerns about costs and insurance are driving their decisions. So to gain control of their health, they gain knowledge on the Web and become empowered consumers.

This lack of consumer confidence in the honesty of healthcare is a topic of major concern. The provider-patient relationship is built on a bond of trust. Once this bond has been broken, it can be very hard to repair. So healthcare brands and businesses need to prove that they care for consumers to build back that trust.

One of the best ways to show support is by connecting on social media. This enables healthcare marketing experts to respond to consumers’ questions and help them handle their health issues. It lets them position their business as a helping hand in the healthcare search and develop supportive relationships that lead to a sense of trust. Many savvy healthcare providers have established a social media presence and are seeing outstanding outcomes. But not every healthcare provider is taking advantage of these important social media channels.

A study by Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide examined the most common healthcare marketing tactics of health professionals. The results revealed:

  • Social media, websites, and other new media methods were considered a very valuable way of reaching patients, providers, and prospects.
  • Marketers tended to engage consumers through direct digital strategies.
  • They also used digital channels that enhanced their reputation, such as social media and PR.
  • Despite these strides, about 40% of respondents thought that the industry wasn’t fully prepared to embrace social media.
  • And more than three-quarters of respondents believed that consumers were way ahead of the healthcare industry in digital engagement.

As you can see, healthcare marketing has to adapt to today’s digital demands and adopt new methods that will make the most of these channels. Patients and prospects are waiting online for healthcare brands to engage them, so healthcare brands can’t afford to wait to reach these responsive consumers.

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