Facebook Shares New Features for Both Brands and Users

Facebook Shares New Features

Face it, Facebook keeps looking better and better for both brands and users. The social media giant recently announced some exciting new features for better ad targeting and the best mobile user-experience. TechCrunch.com shared how these new features will give advertisers and users much more to like about Facebook.

Become Aware of Brand Optimization Awareness
One of the most exciting new Facebook features for brands is a data-based tool called brand optimization awareness. According to Adweek.com, this can actually let advertisers know which people engaged with their ads, whether in a video, display promotion, or News Feed placement. This serves as a strong behavioral indicator that a person will recall the ad, which will enable marketers to measure general ad performance.

In addition to providing a means of metrics on the people who spent time viewing an ad, this feature will also improve targeting in a couple of different ways. For one, marketers will know which people stopped and viewed an ad, so they can target subsequent promotions to those interested viewers. Secondly, advertisers can take all of this viewing insight and combine it with their page-like data to predict which other people will enjoy the ad. As a result, they can better target their ads to the people most likely to like them.

A Look at Featured Photos
One new Facebook feature for users is the option to choose up to five Featured Photos to pin to a special section at the top of a profile. This should interest users since it will provide a better view of a person’s identity and serve as a reminder of a person when considering their friend request.

A View of Profile Videos
With the new changes, users will have the ability to upload a profile video by simply clicking on their profile photo. They will be able to record a looping video with up to seven seconds of sound. The video will auto-play silently on a profile unless clicked. This featured was designed to let people express their personalities and learn more about other users.

Take a Moment to Discover Temporary Profile Pics
This is another user-focused feature that lets people post a profile picture for a brief amount of time, before it reverts back to the previous photo in a specific number of hours or weeks. It should be useful for people trying to promote timely events or causes because it lets them focus on a particular event and then go back to their prior photo with ease.

Get a Better View of Visibility Controls and Bio
Users will also welcome the addition of in-line privacy controls to the large About information section at the top of a person’s profile. Now, their controls set to public will show up immediately on the profile, instead of being hidden deep within the About section.

In addition, users will have a new 100-character Bio field to provide a description of themselves. They will also have option of making this data public or private.

Understand Facebook’s Move to Mobile Design
Given the popularity of mobile viewing, Facebook has finally built a mobile-first design. This will enlarge a person’s profile picture or video and set it in the center of the screen. And for more mobile viewing ease, Facebook will give users large sections to provide details on photos and friends both below their profile picture and above the timeline.

With all of these new features, Facebook should become even more of a favorite.

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