5 Strategies to Make Your Remarketing Provide Many Returns

5 Strategies to Make Your Remarketing Provide Many Returns
Most marketers have mastered marketing, but have they learned how to leverage remarketing? It’s considered to be one of the most effective advertising strategies available today. Its value comes from its ability to target previous visitors to a website who didn’t convert into customers. Remarketing lets you reach those prior visitors with ads that encourage their return. These ads can be created through numerous ad platforms, but there are certain marketing methods that may enhance their results. Entrepreneur.com shared five simple tactics to ensure that your remarketing ads make people give your brand a second look.

1. Remember Cross-Channel Advertising
Cross-channel advertising helps a company reduce the time and effort required to become a recognizable, memorable brand. It lets marketers place ads for previous website visitors on multiple ad platforms.

2. Link Up with Google Analytics
You can easily embark on a remarketing strategy by using Google Analytics. This tool is very valuable in remarketing because it allows for the creation of user lists based on the behaviors of people who have previously visited a website.

3. Seek Out Remarketing for Search
Remarketing for search lets you target previous website visitors when they search Google for custom-selected keywords. Recent Google research has shown that using remarketing for search has proven to be among the most effective marketing campaign tactics in regard to cost per acquisition.

4. Remarket Your E-commerce Business
It can be time-consuming and difficult for large e-commerce companies to develop banner ads for every one of its products. But with remarketing, marketers can use both Google and Facebook to create dynamic remarketing ads. These have shown to be extremely effective in reaching previous website visitors.

5. Pay Attention to YouTube for Remarketing
YouTube provides options for both video and banner advertising. In choosing between these ad options, realize that video ads are more likely to generate visibility and branding, but produce fewer clicks to a website. And banner ads tend to generate more clicks to a website, yet are less helpful in branding. Both types of YouTube ads can easily be developed and directed through Google AdWords, which means they can use audiences that are available in AdWords, along with audiences created through Google Analytics.

Try these five remarketing strategies to reach prior website visitors and help you reach your marketing goals.

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