How to Choose the Best Genre for Your Branded Videos

People share content online for three main reasons. The first is the desire to entertain, the second is the need to build stronger relationships, and the last is the quest to provide information. All of these reasons can benefit brands as they strive to make videos that connect with viewers and prompt them to share. Along with this insight, it appears that the genre of video can affect its ability to effectively express the marketing message. To help marketers choose the best genres for their branded videos, offered these helpful hints.

1. Excite or Delight to Make a Big Splash – Fun-loving, uplifting videos have the power to stimulate our emotions, which stimulates action. They’re able to thrill, entertain, surprise, and inspire in a way that makes viewers watch and share them repeatedly. These are the kinds of videos that are most likely to go viral and almost certain to gain plenty of earned media. As a result, they are ideal for making big announcements and major impacts.

2. Impress to ConnectImpressive videos produce emotional engagement, which inspires strong feelings for a product or brand. These videos tell stories and create characters to connect on a personal level with viewers. They typically leave a thoughtful impression that stays with viewers and prompts them to watch over and over. While impressive videos don’t go viral as easily as expressive ones, they leave a lasting impact and forge a bond with consumers.

3. Be Intelligent to EducateIntellectual videos enlighten and inspire by teaching lessons, offering advice, or simply challenging people to open their minds. These videos make viewers feel smarter and sharper, which prompts them to share their wisdom with friends. While less likely to go viral than expressive videos, they tend to stay relevant for years and drive traffic for a longer time.

As these distinctions show, a video’s genre can have an enormous effect on the viewer’s response and brand’s results. Branded videos are extremely popular and allow creative freedom, but it’s important to know the strengths of each genre to ensure it fulfills its promotional potential.

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