Consumers and Branded Content: A Love Story [Video Infographic]

How do consumers feel about branded content? They absolutely love it, according to a recent video infographic, Consumers & Brands: A Love Story, from uberflip. The video incorporates recent research from a number of sources showing that the vast majority of consumers find branded content to be both helpful and engaging.

Some key insights include:

  • 90% of consumers think branded/custom content is useful.
  • 61% of consumers love brands that publish their own content.
  • 75% of consumers feel brands that create custom content want to establish a good relationship with them.
  • Content marketers have tried 12 tactics on average to attract customers, including e-books, Facebook posts, case studies, and videos.
  • Interesting content is one of the top three reasons why people follow brands on social media.

These findings reinforce the fact that custom content is often a win-win for both consumers and companies. When done well, branded offerings inform, educate, and entertain consumers while also conveying a brand message and inspiring loyalty (perhaps even love).

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