3 Trends Driving New York-Presbyterian Hospital’s Patient-First Marketing Strategy


Healthcare today is changing and healthcare organizations need to change along with it to survive. But many are unsure of where to begin or which healthcare marketing strategies will be most successful. For a look at the marketing trends and tactics that have helped New York-Presbyterian Hospital enjoy great success, Mashable.com shared the patient-first strategies helping the hospital do well.

Following 3 Major Hospital Marketing Trends
To shift and shape its organization for today’s healthcare landscape, New York-Presbyterian Hospital based its changes and strategies on these major trends:

  1. The Influence and Importance of the Patient: Today’s patients are more empowered than ever, so healthcare organizations must adjust their practices and policies to help patients make the best medical choices and provide the best care.
  2. The Consolidation of Healthcare Organizations: Healthcare institutions are merging at a rapid rate, which is bringing many opportunities, along with a few challenges. For healthcare organizations to make the most of these mergers, they must create a very strong brand image and present a clear, cohesive message that distinguishes their value.
  3. Many Sources for Patient Access to Information: With the rise of digital technology and social media, patients have found more ways than ever to access healthcare information, recommendations, and support. This is making it very important for healthcare providers and marketers to get involved in all of these channels to play a part in patients’ healthcare journeys.

Putting the Patient First
Today, New York-Presbyterian Hospital is making the patient the priority and focusing first and foremost on the needs of the patient and their loved ones, instead of the needs of doctors and institutions. They have translated this mantra to their hospital marketing by letting patients guide the direction of all of their marketing efforts. As a result, their ads are based directly on the sentiments of their patients and highlight the aspects of care that were inspiring, helpful, and meaningful to them.

Opening Up the Marketing Structure
At New York-Presbyterian Hospital, the marketing team’s branding strategy is now driving the direction of every part of the hospital. This allows the institution to create a cohesive brand image and work together as a team to accomplish all of their goals.

Making the Most of Marketing Tools and Technology
Digital technology continues to present exciting opportunities for healthcare and New York-Presbyterian Hospital is striving to take advantage of many of these valuable resources. While they admit that it can be challenging to keep up with the latest technology, they’re currently using digital tools for marketing analysis and linking up their marketing initiatives with patient volume and revenue.

Maintaining Patient Relationships After Care
A patient’s care doesn’t end with their treatment at New York-Presbyterian Hospital. Instead, the hospital builds on these patient relationships by continuing to meet their needs long after they’ve finished treatment. For example, they’ve developed digital access tools like patient portals that provide instant digital access to information about their medications, procedures, doctors, and follow-up recommendations. Their goal is to make patients feel as cared for outside of the hospital as in it.

By putting patients first and giving digital technology a second look, New York-Presbyterian Hospital is thriving more than ever.

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