New Facebook Features Improve Direct Response Marketing

Facebook Features Improve Direct Response Marketing
In response to the need for better direct response on social media, Facebook has answered advertisers’ demands by enabling the display of multiple products in a single ad on both mobile and desktop versions, as well as improving the Custom Audiences feature. Together, this will allow advertisers to create a carousel of different products all in one ad unit that can be targeted to appear in the News Feeds of select audiences. Now that Facebook has tweaked its targeting technique, this presents an outstanding opportunity for brands to improve the reach and relevance of their social media ads to achieve greater social sales and success. featured more on this advertising answer.

With this advanced targeting technique, brands advertising on Facebook will have the power to more effectively reach the precise people who have browsed their site without making a purchase. Brands will be able to better focus on specific segments and build highly targeted audiences for individual products.

In addition, brands will be able to automatically build audiences by their on-site activity history, such as people who only visited certain site pages or prior visitors from long ago.

This advanced ad approach is already proving its power. After trying this targeting technique, ecommerce company Nomorerack had its click-through rates increase by up to 42% and its cost per acquisition decrease between 42% and 45%.

With this new online opportunity, it looks like brands could get more direct results from their direct response.

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