Why Healthcare Marketers Need to Use Experience Management Platforms

Why Healthcare Marketers Need to Use Experience Management Platforms
Even though healthcare has been hesitant to adopt digital marketing, this hasn’t stopped digital marketers from steadily developing new ways to better manage online efforts. But it’s been the non-healthcare companies that have warmly welcomed these advances and have capitalized on these valuable digital tools and trends. One of the biggest trends to emerge has been the development of fully integrated experience management platforms that support all the digital customer experiences that a business provides. Experience management platforms enable marketers to integrate a brand’s website and mobile experiences with real-time tools that make it fast and easy to respond to customer needs and current trends. MediaPost.com explained why medical organizations should treat experience management platforms as a must in their healthcare marketing strategies.

In their hesitation to embrace digital healthcare marketing, organizations have missed out on the benefits of these experience management platforms. However, it’s not too late for healthcare companies to discover these comprehensive platforms and start using them to deliver optimal customer experiences.

Since healthcare consumers now have higher demands and expectations from their digital experiences with healthcare organizations, healthcare marketing experts must be responsive to their requests and provide better customer experiences. And fortunately, it’s now possible to please customers through the use of experience management platforms, while also fully respecting regulatory requirements.

For healthcare organizations that are still doubtful about digital marketing, consider these three reasons why they need to focus on developing experience management platforms over the next few years:

1. The Call for the Consumerization of Healthcare – With patients becoming increasingly empowered about their healthcare decisions, they’re taking a more active role in their personal healthcare experiences. They want easier-to-use alternatives, as well as healthcare information on their own terms, and relevant information on multiple digital devices. Overall, patients want their healthcare experiences to be as seamless and secure as their dealings with mainstream consumer companies.

2. The Demand for a Consistent Digital Experience – Healthcare consumers have different digital experiences based on the contact channel they choose to use. With an experience management platform, healthcare organizations can provide a consistent digital experience by controlling marketing messaging, branding, and data security from one central location.

3. The Need for Cost Control – Healthcare companies are well aware of the rising costs of business. But an experience management platform allows these organizations to allot a larger share of their resources to the customer experience, which can significantly lower the total cost of digital experiences and pay off in long-term loyalty.

Healthcare organizations can no longer afford to ignore the digital and personal value that experience management platforms bring to their customers and their company.

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