9 Hot Summer Travel Trends for 2019 [Infographic]

As we hit the heart of summer, what should travel and hospitality brands be thinking about? Which domestic and international spots are people heading to this year? How are vacationers getting to their destinations? Is spend on the rise? How are digital devices changing the travel experience?

To find out, we studied recent data from a range of different sources. Check out MDG’s latest infographic, 9 Hot Summer Travel Trends for 2019, to see what we discovered.


1. Summer Travel Is Hot This Year
With the economy relatively robust, many Americans are splurging on summer travel this year.

  • 64% of leisure travelers are taking summer vacations
  • Americans are expected to spend $102 billion on summer trips
  • One week is the average length of a 2019 summer vacation

2. Vacation Budgets Are Big
Summer travel doesn’t come cheap: vacations in 2019 often cost thousands of dollars.

  • $1,979: Average travel budget for a summer vacation

The average cost of a summer vacation in the US varies widely by region:

  • $2,265 in the West
  • $2,078 in the Northeast
  • $1,943 in the South
  • $1,607 in the Midwest

3. Boomer Travel Is Booming
Many Baby Boomers use the summer to take big bucket-list trips planned well in advance.

  • Baby Boomer travelers will spend $6,600, on average, on trips in 2019
  • 88% of Boomers picked their summer vacations by December
  • 62% of working Boomers plan to use all of their vacation time

4. Summer Travel Is Often Family Travel
For many Americans, summer vacations are synonymous with family vacations.

  • 100 million Americans are going on summer family trips this year
  • 68% of family travelers are taking a 2019 summer vacation
  • Travelers in the South are the most likely to take a family trip

5. Fun and Sun Inspire Domestic Trips
Popular spots for domestic summer travel tend to have sunshine, theme parks, and the ocean.

Top US Summer Travel Destinations

Orlando, Florida

Las Vegas, Nevada

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Maui, Hawaii

New York City, New York

6. Travelers Seek Culture Abroad
When venturing abroad in the summer, US travelers often head to storied European cities.

Top International Summer Travel Destinations

London, England

Rome, Italy

Vancouver, Canada

Dublin, Ireland

Paris, France

7. Adventure Travel Is On the Rise
Travelers are increasingly looking for an adrenaline rush while vacationing.

Search Growth on Pinterest in 2019:

  • +693% adventure travel
  • +260% swimming holes
  • +143% cave diving

8. The Summer Road Trip Still Rules
Most summer travelers will arrive at their destinations by car this year.

How Summer Vacationers Travel

  • 64% drive
  • 53% fly
  • 12% take a cruise
  • 10% ride a train

9. Mobile Devices Come Along for the Ride
Summer vacationers are increasingly using their phones and tablets on the road.

Summer Road Trippers Use Mobile Devices to:

  • 58% plan/navigate the route
  • 41% find things to do
  • 38% plan accommodations

Ultimately, the summer vacation in 2019 is a mix of old and new. It’s still often about fun, sun, family, and car trips, but digital devices are quickly changing the way people plan and book.

Take a look at our full infographic, 9 Hot Summer Travel Trends for 2019.

9 Hot Summer Travel Trends for 2019

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