How Much Do Marketers Love Valentine’s Day? Let Us Count the Ways.

Marketing for Valentine’s Day

Marketers love leads, covet conversions, but swoon for statistics most of all. These notable numbers drive the decisions behind effective marketing campaigns and strategies. They give insight into a market and updates on performance. And these factual figures are symbols of love to those in the marketing field. So since Valentine’s Day is all about love, has a gift for these data lovers, with some wild stats and fun facts on this heartfelt, heart-filled holiday.

  1. 62% of all consumers celebrate Valentine’s Day (Statistic Brain).
  2. The most popular Valentine’s Day gift is candy, followed by flowers, jewelry, greeting cards, a special night out, clothing, and gift cards (National Retail Foundation).
  3. 85% of Valentine’s Day cards are bought by women, while 73% of the holiday’s flowers are purchased by men (Statistic Brain).
  4. 15% of women send Valentine’s Day flowers to themselves (Rakuten).
  5. 53% of women would end a relationship if they did not receive anything for Valentine’s Day (Statistic Brain).
  6. $126 per person is spent for Valentine’s Day in the U.S. (Rakuten).
  7. $274 per person is spent for Valentine’s Day in Asia (Rakuten).
  8. The countries of Spain, France, the U.K., Canada, Brazil, and Australia all spend more per person for Valentine’s Day than the U.S. (Rakuten).
  9. Yet $367 million is spent on U.S. pets for Valentine’s Day each year (Rakuten).

Happy Valentine’s Day to all marketers!

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