Why Content Marketing Takes Time to Lead to Results

Today, millions of consumers and B2B marketers are finding that content marketing is a direct link to success. As a result, its usage is increasing around the world and this growth is expected to continue. But unlike some marketing strategies that deliver immediate results, content marketing is a long-term process. So many people are drawn to it because it’s been proven to work. And it’s more valuable than ever considering that it’s become more challenging for marketers to reach consumers in this age of ad blockers and DVRs that let consumers avoid all ads. But SearchEngineJournal.com explained why content marketing is worth the wait and offered five simple steps for reaching results more quickly.

Content marketing continues to be one of the most effective ways to connect with consumers; especially now that connecting has become a major challenge with the widespread use of ad blocking software and DVRs that block many marketing messages. But while consumers don’t want to be bombarded with irrelevant content, they still crave quality information on topics of interest to them and appreciate added value. And content offers both of these benefits, without hard sells, scams, or other frustrating factors. As a result, content marketing is capable of greatly increasing conversions, driving website traffic, and building loyal brand relationships. In fact, research has shown that content marketing leaders earn almost eight times more website traffic than their competitors.

Along with yielding a higher success rate, content marketing also costs dramatically less than more traditional marketing methods. Studies have shown that content marketing costs around 62% less than outbound marketing, yet generates three times as many leads.

With all of these advantages, content marketing is well worth the span of time it takes to reap results and rewards. To start on the content marketing journey, marketers simply need to follow these five steps.

5 Steps for Leveraging Long-Term Content Marketing

  1. Make Frequent Publishing a Priority
    More frequent blogging is an effective way for brands to generate more followers. That’s because it helps improve a brand’s search rankings by giving Google more pages to index, as well as because it provides content for the SERPs, which increases the chance that readers will find and consume the content. Consider that studies have shown that companies that published more than 15 times a month generated more than three times the traffic of their competition. But how often a brand should blog depends on its preferences, goals, current traffic, distribution platforms, and the kind of content the brand wants to publish.
  2. Optimize All Content for SEO
    The way to rank higher in search is by optimizing every piece of published content. This includes fine-tuning all of the meta content, images, relevant long-tail keywords, quality links, and alt information. By optimizing all of these aspects, it’s easier for search engines to interpret content, which leads to appearing much higher in search results.
  3. Post Evergreen Content More Often
    Posting timely or trending content can generate immediate exposure, but the key to crafting a solid content marketing strategy is regularly publishing evergreen content that holds its value for years to come. It’s best to tailor evergreen content to the topics of greatest interest and relevance to the target audience. After deciding on a topic, in-depth content must be crafted that provides lasting value to both current and new readers. Continually producing evergreen content will continue to generate audiences.
  4. Focus on Quality, Followed by Quantity
    When it comes to content creation, many marketers simply believe that more is always better. But the truth is, creating better content can reap more ROI. While a steady stream of content is important, the quality of the content should always be the first priority.
  5. Stay Persistent and Patient
    With the demand for instant gratification today, many marketers get frustrated that their content marketing efforts take time to deliver results. But it’s essential to remember that success doesn’t happen overnight. Only after publishing high-quality content over a period of time will the readers, results, and revenue finally emerge.

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