Why Mobile Marketing Is the Way to Go for Consumer Engagement

Why Mobile Marketing Is the Way to Go for Consumer Engagement

Digital marketers know that the explosive global growth of mobile has made it a must in marketing. Now, findings from the 2013 “Netbiscuits People’s Web Report” by Brand Republic and Netbiscuits are affirming this mobile mindset by showing just how much mobile means in consumers’ daily lives. The report reveals that 50% of consumers spend up to 30 minutes per day shopping on mobile, while 20% spend up to 15 minutes per day searching on their digital devices. With consumers firmly focused on their mobile screens, this makes mobile marketing a valuable vehicle for reaching and resonating with consumers. This is why brands that want to engage consumers must integrate mobile into their marketing. MediaPost.com featured more from report to show why mobile is the go-to way to engage on-the-go consumers.

Fortunately, many marketers are already tapping into mobile. According to the report:

  • 71% of marketers are already using mobile as part of their multichannel brand experiences.
  • 52% are leveraging mobile to increase their overall website traffic.
  • 42% are using the channel to boost brand loyalty among their mobile device customers.
  • Only 12% admit that mobile is not one of their channels.

Showing how metrics and mobile marketing go hand-in-hand, the report reveals:

  • 50% of the marketing respondents are using desktop web analytic products to track their mobile performance.
  • While 11% of report respondents hire third parties and
  • 6% turn to marketing automation solutions to measure their mobile success,
  • Almost 10% say they lack the tools to measure their mobile activities accurately. Those respondents need to find the tools fast because the report shows that mobile is now a primary part of the purchase process.

Mobile’s influence on our buying behavior is making it an essential investment. Luckily, most marketers realize the power of mobile marketing and are striving to increase their investment and involvement in the digital channel. The report shows:

  • 62% of marketers plan to add responsive web design into their mobile efforts.
  • 31% believe they could benefit from more mobile investment since they only have the basics covered.
  • 20% plan to keep heavily investing in mobile marketing, even though they already have developed designated mobile offerings.
  • 20% intend to make mobile marketing a top priority this year since they have yet to make it a focus.
  • 18% aim to launch dedicated mobile sites.
  • 18% plan to incorporate adaptive websites into their mobile strategies.

This report highlights how mobile has become an integral part of the way consumers live and love to spend. That’s why mobile marketing is an ideal way to engage, influence, and reach consumers who keep their mobile devices in reach.

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