On Election Day, Facebook Was Buzzing About Romney, Obama, Voting

While the election kept everyone guessing to the end, Facebook provided a powerful political picture of what American voters were talking about on Election Day. All of these mentions were analyzed by Facebook’s Talk Meter and broken down to reveal an interesting array of data. From the different demographics discussing each candidate to the top-trending topics and terms, the final statistics were posted on AllFacebook.com to show what people were saying and sharing through social media on Super Tuesday.

“Election” was the most mentioned term, with slightly more references from men than from women. Interestingly, the term was cited most often by older users and was actually the most-talked-about term by both men between the ages of 55 to 64 and women over age 65.

The names “Obama” and “Romney” closely followed “election” in terms of usage, but “Obama” had slightly more mentions overall. Similar to “election,” both candidates’ names were brought up more frequently by men than by women. In addition, both names were also cited most often by older users of both genders, but while both “Romney” and “Obama” were cited most by men between the ages of 55 and 64, “Obama” was most popular with women in that same age group, while “Romney” led with women over age 65.

Geographically, “Obama” was mentioned most by people in Washington, D.C., Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Ohio, Alabama, Mississippi, Iowa, Michigan, and Florida. In comparison, “Romney” was cited most frequently by voters in New Hampshire, Washington, D.C., Pennsylvania, Virginia, Ohio, Massachusetts, Utah, Michigan, Florida, and Rhode Island. While a few of these states were buzzing for both candidates, it’s very telling to see the differences in discussion locales.

Lastly, an additional analysis by Facebook-CNN Election Insights showed Obama had more than 2.3 million people talking about him online, while Romney earned comments from almost 1.1 million.

Interestingly, social media provided a strong early indicator of the outcome of the election, which revealed the power of Facebook as a solid measure of how people elect to act.

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