BuzzFeed Scores with Adorable “Dear Kitten” Super Bowl Ad

BuzzFeed has created its first TV ad for a brand, and it’s adorably brilliant.

The 60-second TV commercial was developed for Friskies and will air in a few local markets during the Super Bowl. A longer version has already been posted to YouTube.

The spot, which is voiced by viral guru and BuzzFeed Motion Pictures head Ze Frank, features a cat trying to explain the strange Super Bowl behavior of humans to a kitten (“Dear Kitten: Today is going to get weird…”). It’s a TV commercial, but the cuteness and cleverness makes the viewer quickly forget that it’s an ad at all.

In addition to the main spot, BuzzFeed created a companion video in which the same cat tries to explain to the kitten why there’s a pile of coats lying on the bed. This one may be even more aww-inducing, if that’s even possible:

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