New Dish Feature Lets You Skip the Super Bowl and Just Watch the Ads

New Dish Feature Lets You Just Watch the Super Bowl Ads

Ever wish you could skip all that pesky football and just watch the full lineup of Super Bowl commercials on your TV? This year you can, thanks to the Dish Network.

The satellite provider plans to enable a “Reverse AutoHop” feature for the broadcast the day after it airs, allowing Dish subscribers to see all of the TV ads without having to watch any of the on-field action.

While the NFL may not be a fan, the feature is a nice win for advertisers. As Bill Koenigsberg, president, CEO, and founder of Horizon Media, told AdAge:  “Making these entertaining ads ‘appointment watching’ after the game puts the brands front and center for an even wider audience.”

The move is also a smart press stunt by Dish to publicize the regular AutoHop feature, which lets subscribers skip ads on (some) previously aired TV programs.

Here’s how it works:

As for people who don’t have Dish but also want to see the ads without the football, there’s always YouTube’s AdBlitz hub.

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