How QR Codes Can Grow Your Business-Part 2

Part II: Using QR Codes

This is the second part of MDG’s two-part series on how to use QR codes to grow your business. To read the first part, click here.

Below are some helpful tips on how to integrate QR codes into your organization’s strategy, as reported by Jeff Korhan for Social Media Examiner. Keep in mind that QR is only one component, and can’t be used effectively unless the other parts of your digital engine are well- oiled. For instance, any content your QR code links to should be designed and coded to be mobile-friendly—otherwise you could end up frustrating visitors.

Applications for QR Codes

SharingThere’s no limit to how, or even how much, you can share with QR codes. While a video or landing page is easily shared, you could go further and share an entire eBook and even multiple pieces of content that share a common link.

Community – Sharing is how you build community, and one of the favorite arenas for doing this is Facebook. You can use Likify to create a QR code that links your mobile device to a fully functioning LIKE button for your Facebook page. Providing the signature “thumbs up” helps to clearly suggest the purpose of the code.

Calls to Action – After building a community, the next logical step is to mobilize them to take action. What are you trying to accomplish? You can alternate special offers by simply linking your QR codes to new landing pages, and you can combine then with email opt-ins to build your list.

SEO and SMO – QR codes help you increase traffic to your most popular searchable objects to further optimize them by encouraging more sharing.

Social Proof – To help build a community offline, it can be helpful to use your vibrant online communities as social proof of your influence and expertise. As one example, you can use QR codes to link to specific blog posts that have earned an abundance of activity, drawing in offline community members into your already vibrant online community.

Analytics – QR codes most commonly link to URLs, which is why link shortening services and now automatically generate a QR code for sharing your shortened links. Using as an example, you simply click on the “more” link after you create your shortened link, where you are taken to a page that not only gives you the QR code, but useful analytics. Other services, like , provide analytics and the ability to customize the color of your QR codes.


Practical Uses of QR Codes

QR codes have been used by major airlines as digital boarding passes, by Google Places to help customers get to your places page and by small businesses to direct customers to special promotions.

Where you can use QR Codes

  • Business cards
  • Brochures and other collateral
  • The sides of trucks and trailers
  • Product tags and packaging
  • Convention and event nametags
  • Restaurant menus
  • Event ticket stubs
  • Point-of-sale receipts

What you can link them to

  • Installation instructions
  • Sources for replacement parts and service
  • Directions to your business
  • The process for hiring your professional services
  • Valuable coupons and special offers
  • Recommendations for complementary products and services
  • Free mp3 downloads
  • Customer feedback forms

How to maximize QR code effectiveness

  • Provide explanations about their use and benefits
  • Encourage actions that support your marketing plan
  • Assuage the fears of the technically challenged
  • Give reasons to come back
  • Experiment with the size, location, and color of your QR codes
  • Study your analytics

The Future of QR Codes and Tags

The potential for QR codes is limitless. They’re already integrating social media agnostics into the Internet fold by providing simple links from non-digital sources.

The next generation of barcodes will hold even more information—so much that an Internet connection will not even be necessary. The content will be effectively embedded in the code. Think about that.

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