LinkedIn Expands its Experiment with Long Form Content

 LinkedIn Expands its Experiment with Long Form Content
In 2012, LinkedIn made its first foray into providing long form content with the introduction of its Influencer Initiative. At the time, the new platform was limited to prolific entrepreneurs like Virgin’s Richard Branson and politicians like President Barack Obama. Other LinkedIn members could subscribe to the feeds they deemed important to their careers. Now LinkedIn has announced the expansion of the long-form publishing platform to include additional member contributors, reports TNW.

Those invited to participate can write and share blog-like content as opposed to the simple status updates generated by most members. Readers can then leave comments similar to those left at the end of blog posts.

“We believe in giving our members access to the business knowledge they need to be great at what they do,” explains Ryan Roslansky, Director of Product Management at LinkedIn. “To put that simply, we are making a commitment to our members: by spending just part of your morning on LinkedIn, we will make you better at your job today.”

The long-form content publishing platform will be limited to just 25,000 members for now. LinkedIn plans to expand that number even further in the coming months—all with the goal of getting its other members to visit the site more often.

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