New Adobe TV Ad Shows How Good Analytics Prevent Bad Business Decisions

In digital marketing, success is a numbers game. Campaign performance is only truly determined through good analytics that offer in-depth insight into buyers and their behaviors. While we assume that digital marketers make these metrics a must, new research from Adobe reveals that many digital marketing professionals have no idea if their efforts are working. Without this knowledge, it’s impossible to make smart business decisions. To highlight how a lack of metrics-backed marketing can lead to careless and costly mistakes, Adobe released a clever TV commercial that businesses can’t afford to miss.

In Adobe’s witty TV spot, a company that sells encyclopedias suddenly sees a dramatic rise in the number of clicks on an online banner. This surprising spike sets off a string of rash business decisions, yet the source of the clicks is not quite what it seems. While the ad supplies a good laugh, it also provides a great lesson on why sound analytics make sense and save dollars.

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