eBay, Tech Old-Timer at 17, Unveils Revamped Logo | Branding

Over the past 17 years, eBay has transformed from a simple online auction website into a multifaceted global brand serving as a retailer of new merchandise at fixed prices, as well as a marketplace for the sale of used products, a provider of e-commerce services, and a leader in online payment technology. This enormous growth has enabled the brand to keep up with the needs of the contemporary consumer and is now reflected in a new logo design introduced by the brand last week. The Wall Street Journal reported on the specifics of eBay’s branding evolution.

The new logo design has been updated with a more linear look with letters that are thinner, more rounded, and evenly spaced than in the prior logo. The bright colors of the logo’s letters have remained the same to retain a level of the brand’s global recognition, yet the overall impression is more streamlined and modern.

According to Devin Wenig, eBay’s Global Marketplaces president, the new logo design conveys eBay’s delivery of a more modern-day experience featuring technological innovation that enhances the ease and enjoyment of online shopping. The choice to change such an iconic logo was made only after extensive discussion and deliberation, yet the company believed that the time was right to visually demonstrate its evolution.

The debut of the new logo has conveniently come at a time of rising market value for eBay. The company’s shares have gained more than 50 percent in value over the last year due to the strong growth of its PayPal business. Their solid second-quarter earnings report included a 26 percent gain in revenue for PayPal. Wall Street has taken notice and projects that the brand’s primary Marketplaces business is poised for success.

Such a strong re-emergence is an impressive feat for a brand around for almost two decades, especially since many of its older counterparts are struggling to keep up with newer competitors.

This marks a new dawn for eBay as the brand strives to better serve the needs of the online global marketplace.

“We’re creating the future again,” added Mr. Wenig.

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