See How Snapchat Quickly Snapped Up the Attention of Digital Marketers

See How Snapchat Quickly Snapped Up the Attention of Digital Marketers
Quick question: how is a social sharing site that only posted its first paid ad 15 months ago now commanding up to $750,000 for sponsorships? Snapchat has quickly gained fame as an app that lets people send videos and photos that self-destruct shortly after they’re viewed. Snapchat has soared to amazing popularity, currently counting 100 million daily users made up mostly the Millennials and younger markets that many advertisers covet today. As a result, Snapchat has quickly caught the eyes of digital marketers looking to get their businesses in front of more people’s eyes. shared how Snapchat quickly became a digital marketer’s dream.

A Snapshot of Snapchat’s Advantage
Snapchat’s main advantage is how its whole concept is based on the digital values and behaviors of an audience entirely born and raised in the digital era. Both consuming and sharing content online come naturally to these younger users, so Snapchat appeals to their interests and they’re comfortable using it on a regular basis.

The Big Picture of Snapchat’s Future
According to industry experts, Snapchat’s lightning-fast growth shows no signs of disappearing, unlike its images. In fact, Snapchat is expected to grow even faster and take the app even farther in 2016. Marketers say they would love to see Snapchat introduce these marketing tools in the future:

  • Lightweight ad opportunities
  • Customizable ads
  • Viewability guidelines for video views
  • Snapcode testing
  • Better targeting
  • Analytics

If Snapchat can continue to develop new ways for both users and advertisers to gain value from the app, there’s no limit to its growth and success.

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