Creativity is Just What the Doctor Ordered in Preventative Healthcare

Creativity in Preventative Healthcare marketing
Doctors have long recommended a healthy diet and plenty of exercise. Now, new programs are leveraging these “doctor’s orders” to keep patients healthier while bringing robust opportunities for healthcare marketers to benefit from this better living. Food brands, fitness centers, activity apps, and other health-conscious companies are all seeking out partnerships with medical providers and insurance companies to encourage the use of their products as part of a better lifestyle. reported how healthcare marketing experts are getting creative to sell wellness to the world.

A new “Prescribe-a-Bike” program is offering a discounted bike-sharing club membership to low-income Boston residents who qualify. It will allow doctors at Boston Medical Center to prescribe to their low-income patients a subsidized bike-sharing membership for only $5, which is significantly lower than the usual $85 membership fee. In addition to providing patients with a healthier mode of transportation, the cycles offer a healthy savings over the cost of the MBTA. This program is part of an alliance among Boston’s New Balance Hubway bike-sharing program, the Boston Medical Center, and the Boston Public Health Commission. It is also backed by the City of Boston, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston Children’s Hospital, and other community organizations.

And a fresh approach to better health is being seen throughout the country as doctors are writing prescriptions for fresh fruit and vegetables for their overweight patients. FVRx is a version of this produce program that connects low-income residents of New York City with local produce in order to provide families with greater access to healthy, fresh foods. Participants in the program are motivated to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables with Health Bucks, which are redeemable at more than 140 farmers markets throughout the city. Launched by the Wholesome Wave non-profit organization, the program has rapidly expanded through partnerships with healthcare facilities like the Lincoln Medical Health Center and Harlem Hospital Center, as well as community groups like the Harvest Home Farmers Market and GrowNYC.

These programs enable doctors to do more than merely recommend healthier eating, but to write actual prescriptions for a better diet and more exercise. These preventative practices are designed to stop disease before it starts and provide alternatives to medication.

This is all part of the health trend that has been continually evolving as the massive Boomer population gets older. These health and wellness programs resonate with this health-conscious generation and empower them to take control of their health.

Today, more and more of these programs are being subsidized by the government and insurance companies to remove the barriers of cost and limited access that have traditionally prevented lower-income residents from getting higher-quality care. Many large health insurance companies already offer employees annual fitness reimbursements or have incentive programs that reward employees for healthy living. As a result, health-focused brands are partnering with these community organizations to promote their products and sponsor their services to bring everyone involved a better bottom line.

These health and wellness brands are also working with healthcare providers to encourage patients to adapt a healthier lifestyle that includes their products and services. In addition to giving greater exposure to both the brands and the medical professionals, it allows doctors to have healthier patients and lower care costs.

Since people tend to trust a doctor’s advice, health and wellness brands should seek out these medical experts to be advocates for the brand. This would position products as prescriptions and make them a must for better health.

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