Top-Rated Ways to Get More Online Reviews

More, Online Reviews
Today, online reviews are the last word in business. This personal feedback now plays a primary role in a customer’s purchasing decisions for every type of product, service, and company. Research supports the importance of reviews, with nearly 90% of consumers considering an online review to be as meaningful as a personal recommendation from family or friends. And customers demand more than one or two reviews, with 85% of consumers needing to read up to 10 reviews about a local business to reach the right purchase decision. And online reviews are also becoming significant for B2B companies, with research showing a 60% leap in a company’s profile views from simply doubling their number of client reviews. To help businesses of every size and scope acquire more online reviews, shared these six expert-approved strategies.

1. Face the Issue Directly
One of the easiest ways to get reviews is to simply ask customers directly. After a customer has expressed their satisfaction, have a manager or staff member politely ask the customer to leave their positive feedback on a review site.

2. Make Receipts Pay Off
If it’s uncomfortable or impractical to ask for reviews face-to-face, take a more subtle approach by leaving a note on customers’ receipts kindly asking for a review. Make it easy for customers by featuring the website address of the review site.

3. Link Up to Reviews
Line up reviews for your company by using your online resources. Try these proven tips to let customers comment with a quick click:

  • Add prominent links to review sites directly on your website.
  • Rather than send customers to third-party review sites, add a section to your website where visitors can leave reviews. In addition to offering excellent social proof to future visitors, this can greatly improve visibility and ranking with Google.

4. Perfect Your Profile
Take the time to make sure that your company profile on review sites is current and accurate. This shows customers that you care about ensuring their satisfaction and convenience at every stage of their experience.

5. Get the Most Out of Your Reviews
As your current customers start leaving reviews, leverage this feedback to acquire both new customers and reviews. Try these simple strategies to make your reviews bring in more business:

  • Share positive reviews with others by either boldly featuring them on your website or including direct links to these reviews on your website and social media pages.
  • Recommend similar products, services, or experiences your company offers.
  • Always respond to positive reviews by expressing your gratitude, along with how valuable the customer and their satisfaction are to your company.
  • Also, it’s important to politely and publicly respond to poor reviews. Express your concern and desire to resolve the issue to the customer’s complete satisfaction. This allows you to turn a negative review into positive public relations for your company by showing your concern for every customer’s satisfaction.

Use these simple tips to collect more positive online reviews and keep the customers, clients, and comments coming in.

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