The Arrival of the “Digital Elite” Traveler

The Arrival of the “Digital Elite” Traveler
Now that the digital revolution has made mobile devices a way of life, the travel industry needs to accommodate a brand-new type of traveler called the “Digital Elite.” These high-tech tourists use mobile gadgets to plan and purchase travel and they tend to spend a great deal more than other travel segments. According to the Global/Harrison Group 2013 Portrait of Digital Travelers, one-third of active travelers are now in this special segment. To help travel brands better understand these Digital Elite, offered a guide to this jet-set class.

Over the last year, the Digital Elite took many more leisure trips and last-minute getaways than other types of travelers. They were also much more likely to travel with kids and venture internationally. These Digital Elite spent an average of $5,000 on trips last year, which was $1,200 more than their less-connected counterparts, and they plan to spend even more in the coming year. And more than 50 percent of the Digital Elite prefer using an online travel service for better prices and greater convenience.

Compared to the average traveler, the Digital Elite are more inclined to make relaxation a part of their vacations. They tend to engage in relaxing activities much more when away than at home.

With their interest in the Internet, the Digital Elite are driving demand for better online travel content. They usually seek out more sophisticated content and want websites made for online shopping. They also tend to favor features like interactive maps, destination photos, accommodations tours, guest reviews, downloadable coupons, and user-friendly booking tools. They’re also much more active on social media than other travel segments.

In 2014, travel brands will need to make room for the Digital Elite since this class is virtually taking off.

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