Study Shows Customers Most Profitable from Search

In e-commerce, the way a customer finds your business can have an impact on the total amount they spend over time. A recent study by Custora, a predictive analytics platform for e-commerce marketing, revealed that customers who found online businesses via search delivered the highest lifetime value, spending 54% above average. Cost-per-click (CPC) ads also performed well, directing customers that brought 37% above the average lifetime value to a business. featured additional details about e-commerce customer value.

Email marketing also proved its worth by delivering customers with 12% above the average customer lifetime value (CLV).

While the Custora study implied that social media brought a lower customer lifetime value to e-commerce businesses, marketer Gary Shouldis doesn’t agree.

“Marketing to people on social media is usually a top of the conversion funnel activity while search and PPC customers are usually at the end of that conversion funnel, with wallet in hand,” Mr. Shouldis explained. “Understanding where potential customers are in the buying cycle is important when creating your marketing plan.”

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