The State of the Internet 2015: Social Media Trends [Infographic]

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There’s been a lot written regarding the top social media trends for 2015. Fortunately, you won’t have to scour through report after report to make smarter marketing decisions. A new infographic from MDG precisely details just what you need to know.

As the infographic explains, there are five key social media trends marketers should be paying attention to. They are:


1.  Who rules the social media kingdom.
A recent survey of marketers from around the world reveals that the top three social networks for engaging customers are Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Facebook nabs first place with an impressive 93% share of business. Twitter ranks second at 79%. And LinkedIn holds a strong third slot at 71%.

2.  Who’s showing interest in Pinterest.
It’s no surprise that Pinterest has been gaining ground with women interested in beauty, food, and fashion. But what may be surprising is the number of men who are also using the platform. Pinterest has experienced a 96% growth in men’s fashion pins and a phenomenal 118% increase in car and motorcycle pins.

3.  The type of post taking off on Facebook.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg predicted that the social site’s news feed would become mostly video within five years. Looks like he may have overestimated the timeframe. Already, half of Facebook’s daily active users watch at least one video each day. All total, Facebook garnered 4 billion video views per day in 1Q15. That’s a whopping 1 billion increase over 3Q14.

4.  Social media gets serious about generating purchases.
Although social media makes it easy to reach a promising market, convincing that market to buy has been somewhat of a struggle. To combat the problem, many social media networks are now integrating purchase buttons into their mobile ads. Specifically, Facebook offers a “Buy” button for sponsored posts. Google has introduced “Buy With Google” into its mobile apps. And Twitter now features a “Buy” button in its sponsored Tweets.

5.  Getting the message about messaging apps.
Messaging apps are quickly gaining popularity in our increasingly mobile-first world, particularly among the young. They now comprise six of the top 10 most-used apps globally. WhatsApp ranks number two, right after Facebook. Facebook Messenger comes in at number three.

These are just a few of the latest trends shaping the social media landscape. View all the statistics in MDG’s fact-filled infographic below.

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