LinkedIn Boosts its Social Media Standing with New App, Elevate

LinkedIn Boosts its Social Media Standing with New App, Elevate
LinkedIn is known for helping business professionals find and share contacts, and now the social media network wants to help them find and share content with its new app, Elevate. Elevate is a paid mobile and desktop app that helps professionals collect high-quality content, and then share those links on social media networks and track their overall impact. Both the iOS and Android apps are available for download, but people must pay for the app in order to use it. LinkedIn just announced the new app and plans for widespread availability by Q3 of this year. posted more on how LinkedIn developed Elevate to help more people get more social.

The Elements of Elevate
Elevate helps professionals stay active on social media by providing them with content to share. The app recommends articles to users, and then lets them schedule and share those links across LinkedIn and Twitter. The company eventually plans to expand this reach to Facebook and other social media networks. Article recommendations are based on algorithms from LinkedIn’s news services Pulse and Newsle, along with “human curation.” Once the articles have been shared, the app lets users track their performance.

Benefits for Business Professionals
Rather than target executives or only certain industries, Elevate is designed to help all employees become more social business professionals. It gives them a steady stream of content, so they always have something to share. And with the app’s analytics, they can measure how their content sharing is affecting their social performance, such as increasing their total profile views or generating new contacts.

Since Elevate helps more of a company’s employees get more involved in social media, it strengthens the company’s social network, since some of the content provided to Elevate users is likely to include company news. Once this content is shared across social networks, it increases the company’s social media presence and overall brand image.

Strong Performance in Early Tests
LinkedIn did extensive testing of Elevate and saw positive results. According to the company, employees earned an average of six profile views and two new connections for every six items of content they shared.

Elevate benefits employees, but it also rewards employers. Tests also showed that for every item of content shared by an employee, their employer earned six job views, along with three Company Page views and one new Company Page follower.

LinkedIn Has a Lot to Gain
The professional network has continued to evolve by developing new tools and services that expand its reach and revenue. They have been especially focused on increasing their content business by expanding their publishing platform and acquiring new services. With Elevate, the company is expanding into another segment of the content business by providing the sharable data that increases traffic and engagement on the network. And since Elevate is a paid app, it provides a direct stream of revenue.

Elevate was designed to help professionals get more involved in social media, yet it is also helping LinkedIn get involved in more social ventures.

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