New E-book: How to Bag More Mobile Shoppers this Holiday Season

New E-book: How to Bag More Mobile Shoppers this Holiday Season

In the new must-have marketing tool for the holidays, MDG details how, in 2013, mobile devices will play a bigger role than ever in holiday shopping. Pew Research Center found that more than half of American adults now own a smartphone. And four out of five of them use smartphones to shop.

As the new e-book explains, this should be good news for retailers, as mobile shoppers typically spend more than their bricks-and-mortar counterparts. According to the National Retail Federation, mobile sales were up 96% in 2012. With a still-tight economy this year, it’s likely that shoppers will spend more time looking for bargains—using their smartphones and tablets to research products, compare prices, search for promotions, and make purchases.

In this game-changing e-book, MDG reveals tactics that give retailers an unfair advantage. For example, the e-book explains how to mobilize your mobile efforts to snag a bigger share of a predicted $600 billion in holiday sales. It includes clever strategies like:

1.  Appeal to the mobile mindset. Display advertising doesn’t directly translate to the mobile screen. According to Anna Bager, VP and general manager of the Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence at the Interactive Advertising Bureau, “It’s about…moving across platforms, being mobile throughout the day and actually expecting to be able to pick up content wherever we are.” The e-book explains how to appeal to this mobile mindset.

2.  Create a seamless shopping experience. It’s not just a matter of shopping from a mobile device. Today’s consumers are shopping from multiple devices. Retailers need to address ways to link the shopping experience from one device to another.

3.  Use email to target mobile devices. According to a recent MediaPost blog proclaiming record email opens, mobile-device adoption and the use of marketing automation to target emails have made a big impact on performance. We’ll show you what items you must include in a successful email strategy.

4.  Turn “showrooming” into sales. The e-book shares simple ways to keep potential customers from leaving the store to buy online.

 5.  Start early. The tight economy will drive consumers to spend more time looking for bargains. MDG’s e-book shares tactics to make sure your products are top-of-mind when the shopping process begins. For example, mobile-optimized search is a must.

The e-book, “How to Bag More Mobile Shoppers This Holiday Season,” contains all the essentials you’ll need to understand and effectively communicate with this new breed of holiday shoppers. As the e-book explains, it’s not just about resizing ads for smaller screens. It’s about addressing the way users interact with your messages while viewing those screens. Learn how to convert your marketing tactics early and successfully to capture more of this lucrative mobile market.

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