New E-book: “Everything You Need to Know About 2015’s Digital Marketing Trends, Simplified”

Unless you find yourself with an enviable stretch of time and nothing better to do (yeah, right), there’s no need to peruse volume after volume of Internet marketing reports in search of the latest digital trends. A complimentary new e-book from MDG titled, “Everything You Need to Know About 2015’s Digital Marketing Trends, Simplified,” lives up to its name, breaking down and explaining the year’s top game changers in easily digestible nuggets.

The e-book taps reliable, though not easily readable sources such as Mary Meeker’s 2015 Internet Trends Report, Social Media Examiner’s Industry Report, and Salesforce’s 2015 State of Marketing Report. All stand out as providing truly useful, data-based insights for marketers. But unlike the original sources, the e-book feeds marketers only the information they’ll need to masterfully incorporate this year’s trends into next year’s winning marketing strategy. Key developments are broken down into three, easy-to-read categories covering content, social media, and future developments.

Under the “content” heading, you’ll learn which platforms and formats are attracting the most consumers, what type of screen they’re most likely to consume content on, and where marketer’s plan to increase their spending in the coming year. Warning: the answer to that last one may surprise you.

Perhaps less surprising, but no less important, are the latest social media trends. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn still reign, but Pinterest is picking up steam—including among users outside its usual core of women interested in fashion, beauty, and food.

Yes, Facebook still rules social media, but those friendly posts about last night’s dinner? They’re quickly losing ground to a different sort of post. The rest of the social media section covers trends toward e-commerce integration and the rapid rise of messaging apps.

Which brings us to future trends. The e-book answers questions like when will mobile ad spend catch up with consumer time spent on mobile devices. And, which two social networks do marketers plan to increase their use of. You’ll also learn what nation is most likely to push the digital boundaries and what demographic changes we can expect to shake up the workforce.

“Everything You Need to Know About 2015’s Digital Marketing Trends, Simplified” covers all this and more. But just as important, it does so without taking up too much valuable time, or leaving you in a stupor. The e-book deftly details exactly what you need to know!


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