New Study Shows Facebook Ads are 1,790% More Profitable on iPhone than Android

It looks like Facebook ads really click with iPhone users. According to a recent Nanigans study of more than 200 billion Facebook ads, the ROI of mobile ads is 1,790% higher on iPhone and other iOS devices than on Android. The study shows that mobile ads on iPhone generate 162% more cash than the cost of the ads, while the same ads on Android earn 10% less than the sum invested. reported on why ads on iOS really pay off for mobile advertisers.

The study focuses on the value of Facebook ads to retailers. In terms of Facebook ads on desktops, it reveals a 375% jump in click throughs and a total return of 152% this year. While that’s impressive, the results of Facebook ads on mobile are astounding.

According to the study, Facebook ads averaged 6.1 times higher revenue-per-click and a 17.9 times higher return-on-investment on iOS than on Android. Many attribute the results to the fact that iPhone users tend to both earn more and spend more than Android owners.

“Retailers are realizing significantly greater return from audiences on iOS than audiences on Android,” reported the study.

Interestingly, the cost of advertising on Facebook mobile apps is practically the same for iPhone as for Android. Yet advertisers this year have more than doubled their iOS ad spend, to more than 50% of their budgets.

With such a significant difference in profitability and performance, it’s easy to see why Facebook ads on iOS are the apple of retail’s eye.

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