Oscar Mayer Captures the Love of Bacon in Lighthearted Father’s Day Ad [Video]

Father’s Day may have passed, but the humor of bacon as the perfect present lives on in a brilliant online video promoting Oscar Mayer’s collection of bacon. The YouTube campaign elevates bacon to the realm of fine jewelry and sings its porky praises with tongue firmly planted in cheek. The video ad plays up the “romance” of bacon with the imagery of a horse-drawn carriage and a devoted woman presenting the gift of bacon to her beloved. Then, the many facets of bacon’s beauty are poignantly described by a lover of the streaky strips. To playfully parallel the pork to diamonds, the ad expounds on the “four C’s” of bacon (that would be cut, color, consistency … and cure) with disdainful mention of “liquid smoke” imposters. For a good laugh at a great campaign, watch the video.

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