The New Twitter – Everything You Need To Know

Twitter just received a major makeover with exciting new features and an updated look. outlined all of the changes that will have people talking and tweeting.

In its most comprehensive update ever, the microblogging service explained that the changes were made to offer current users better functionality while enticing new users with a more inviting experience. It’s also assumed that the upgrades were intended to attract advertisers and generate revenue.

With the new Twitter, users can expect a better newsfeed with photos and videos visible in the tweet, as well as have their feed appear consistently across platforms. Enhanced search functionality will make it easier to find stories and trends based on connection and location, while your personal profile will become larger and move to the left of the page. In addition, Twitter’s mobile apps will now feature a more streamlined design, while its back-end improvements will allow for embedded tweets and enable better interaction with other apps and platforms.

With these additions comes the elimination of some previous conveniences. iPhone users can no longer copy and paste from tweets, and all users won’t be able to get language translations of tweets or have options to use links on Instapaper. Many will also find it more difficult to switch accounts.

In regard to embedded tweets, website owners can now embed tweets on a page. It’s now possible to retweet, reply, or favorite the tweet, as well as  follow the user without leaving the page. Links and other dynamic content will remain active.

The service has also the updated the buttons that appear on many websites. Now, a tweet button can include a certain hashtag or @mention. This will make it easier for sites to get their readers tweeting to individual people and about specific things.

Lastly, Twitter has finally introduced brand pages for companies, which enable greater functionality and enhanced interaction with followers. While many brands previously set up their own Twitter pages, these brand pages are free to companies of all sizes and will allow them to customize their page with larger logos and longer taglines. Companies will also be able to promote their best content by highlighting certain tweets in the timeline.

So far, the changes are being welcomed by the majority of Twitter users. They are also positioning the microblogging service to better compete with Facebook and Google in the never-ending effort to generate revenue.

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