11 Social Media Tricks for More Eye-Popping Posts

Now that everyone shares everything on every form of social media, how can you make what you share capture stares? The answer lies in visual marketing, which simply means adding graphics or video to each and every post. Creating this visual content may take a little time, but it can make a very big difference in the impact of your efforts. For some clever tips on sneaking in visually valuable content, Hubspot.com recently offered these must-see strategies:

1. Include Images in Tweets – While Twitter is notorious for its 140-character limit, you can take your tweets beyond those bounds with the simple addition of visuals. There are various ways to get more graphic, from adding a single image to tweets, to showcasing up to four elements, or embedding tweets in blog posts to make the images interactive.

2. Pin Blog Post Pics to Pinterest – Regardless of your presence on Pinterest, every blog post should have an image that readers can pin to Pinterest. And you can even embed the image into the blog post so people can easily repin your picture-perfect pin.

3. Go to Photo Albums – You don’t have to settle for the four-image limit on Twitter when you can create albums with hundreds of photos on Facebook and Google+. These albums are ideal of for large parties or huge conferences. And more pictures means more interest and more chances for social sharing.

4. Get into Infographics – Make a major visual impact by condensing a lot of information into a brief and bright infographic. Either gather data from several sources or hire a graphic guru to craft a compelling chart.

5. Flip Over Flipagrams – Since large albums can be overwhelming, you can condense your collection of photos into sharable videos with the Flipagrams app. You can also add music to your video, either from their clips of free music or your own library.

6. Find a Quick Fix in Slow-Motion Video – If you have lots of photos to show and share, but large albums seems daunting, try slow-motion video. These short videos provide a brief view and overview of the crowd, but negate the need to click through pics.

7. Upload Your Own Facebook Video – Discover the video value of Facebook by embedding your very own videos into your Facebook posts. Rather than settle for a few graphic images, videos let you share a story in graphic detail.

8. Present Your Social Media Savvy with SlideShare – Display your PowerPoint presentations in a social light by using SlideShare as a powerful visual marketing tool. Since an impressive amount of SlideShare presentations show up in Google search results, uploading your presentations can boost both your credibility and exposure.

9. See Why the Sky’s the Limit with Google+ Hangouts On Air – Once you’ve had your hangout with your featured guest, Google lets you repurpose it as a YouTube video that can be shared socially.

10. Get on Board with Hyperlapse Videos on Pinterest – Make a long process seem like a short-and-sweet scene with hyperlapse videos. They let you record a lengthy event and play it back in a shorter span of time. Then you can share it on Instagram, as well as Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

11. Present the Gift of Animated GIFs – The looping images can make an impact and add an eye-catching context to your all of your social content.

Try these visual marketing methods and see how your social media content catches everyone’s eye.

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