Top 10 Trends on Tap for Digital Marketing

Top 10 Trends on Tap for Digital Marketing
The marketing industry moves fast, as digital tools, techniques, and technologies are constantly progressing. And brands need to move fast to keep up with these daily advances in order to stay ahead of the competition and maintain digital dominance. The way to stay on top is to stay aware of emerging trends and be prepared to leverage them fully. Fortunately, featured the top 10 trends that will maximize a brand’s digital marketing and keep them on the fast track in the future.

1. A New View on Vertical Videos
While mobile devices have become mainstays in our lives, they’re constantly evolving to become better than ever. One change that will advance mobile considerably is vertical videos, which cater directly to mobile users. This trend will gain traction as more of the world develops a mobile mindset.

2. A Vast Veering Toward Virtual Reality
Virtual reality has become an actuality, thanks to the arrival of Oculus Rift, HTC Vive®, and other virtual reality viewing devices. While VR is still gaining acceptance with both consumers and marketers, its momentum is rapidly increasing and early adopters will have a definite advantage over their reluctant rivals.

3. The Appeal of App-Based SEO
Apps are expected to become more and more popular in the next few years, while basic browser Web experiences will continue to fall from favor. This makes it an ideal time for marketers to start developing an app or increase the marketing for their current apps.

4. The Arrival of Augmented Reality Experiences
While the complete development of augmented reality technology remains a few years away, consumers are becoming familiar with semi-augmented reality experiences that merge the physical and digital worlds, such as QR codes. Marketers should start incorporating more of these experiences in their marketing to let consumers connect with a brand’s digital and actual presence all at once.

5. An Interest in Interactive Content
Dynamic interactive content is quickly replacing traditional content because the experience it provides is much more engaging. Interactive content transforms to correspond to a user’s personal inputs, which makes the online experience more relevant and resonant.

6. The Urgency for User-Generated Content
Now that brands are finally seeing the power and potential of user-generated content, they’re actively encouraging consumers to create content for the brand and share their submissions with others. In addition to saving brands the time and trouble of creating their own content, this helps build a strong consumer community around the brand.

7. A Surge of Social Media Aggregation
Today, social apps are trying and vying to become everything to everyone. As a result, brands need to increase their social presence in apps to keep their brand visible and valuable to users.

8. A Niche for Next-Level Personalization
While brands have had a limited amount of personalization in marketing and advertising, this is all about to change as greater access to more personal data enables dynamic new styles of content personalization.

9. The Edge of Extreme Automation
Even though marketers have numerous automated tools within reach, they’re demanding even more automation in the future. Luckily, they’re going to get it, but must be careful not to over-automate their campaigns or users will quickly detect it.

10. The Demand for Data Visualization
Expect more marketing tools to offer visualization in the next few years. The demand will be driven by the realization that visualization will be much more important to understanding what an audience needs and desires.

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