Learning How to Design a Logo

A logo is a visual representation of a company that’s created to express the company’s mission. Done well, a logo will resonate with consumers and will become an integral part of a company’s marketing identity. Logos can help businesses build trustful sales relationships with consumers, and they even serve as a psychological connection between a company and its customers. Creating a logo with graphics, fonts, and colors is an important task for a company because this visual symbol will become a recognizable part of a company’s identity.

How To Design A Logo In Illustrator or Photoshop

Photoshop is an effective tool to use to create a logo design. This tutorial guides the user through the use of elements that need to be included in a logo.

The Logo Design Process for Ultimate Potential

Explore the full process of designing a logo with this tutorial created by a successful logo designer. The tutorial covers the entire process of research, sketching, planning, positioning, and presentation.

Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop Tutorial: Discover Hidden Depths in Type Illustration

Both Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop provide effective tools for creating winning logos. Explore the hidden capabilities of these programs with this tutorial.

5 Things to Keep in Mind When Designing a Logo

Anyone seeking to create a logo should remember that initial sketches need not be perfect when designing a new logo. Avoiding mistakes regarding scale, resolution, and font will also help ensure success.

Logo Design Basics (PDF)

To build an engaging logo, the design must represent the organization clearly with a simple layout and effective use of color and scale.

Design a Simple Logo in Photoshop 6

The process of creating a logo in Photoshop often begins simply with the name of the company and then framing this text with borders and colors.

Making a Logo With Adobe Illustrator

Using Adobe Illustrator allows the creation of vector-based graphics, which make it simple to scale logo designs for a multitude of uses. A simple design is often the most effective logo.

Important principles of logo design include simplicity, versatility, memorability, timelessness, and relevance. A simple design is usually more memorable and timeless. Versatility enables use of the logo in various sizes and colors. Relevance ensures that the logo fits the company’s identity.

Creating Your Logo

Before beginning to sketch out logo designs, it’s helpful to consider a company’s message, brand, and service. Then, with these ideas in mind, the logo can become a simple representation of the company.

Graphic Design Tips

An effective logo incorporates color and images to represent a company’s identity. The careful use of fonts is important for creating the brand identity that makes up a logo.

What Makes a Good Logo? Experts Dish Their Top Tips for Budding Designers

A logo may seem simple, but its design involves a complicated process that melds design, text, and colors. An effective logo must be able to remain relevant throughout a company’s evolution, and it needs to be simple enough to resonate with consumers.

Top Five Logo Design Tips From Digital Marketing Agency Pros

Experts in the digital marketing field encourage companies to keep logos unique by avoiding the use of free clip art, which isn’t distinctive enough and may not be licensed for commercial use. Logos must also be simple, appropriately sized, and timeless to grow with a company.

13 Famous Logos With Hidden Messages

The use of hidden messages in logos is a common tool for many companies. For example, the FedEx logo contains an arrow between the E and the X, and in the Wendy’s logo, Wendy’s collar spells out the word “mom,” added to symbolize home cooking.

Logo Design

Manipulating text in logos is one way to make the design memorable and unique. For example, a company might alter letters so that they resemble products or services offered.

Visual Rhetoric in Logos

Visual rhetoric involves the use of shapes, layout, color, and font to incite emotion in and build credibility with consumers.

What’s in a Name: Logos that Express New Thinking (PDF)

An effective logo can help build trust with consumers, and it may even inspire employees to perform better. A logo communicates values and ideas with the use of symbols, colors, and fonts.