So Kodak: Updating The Idea Of The ‘Kodak Moment’

NEWS:Marketing Daily by Aaron Baar

Kodak is looking to update the notion of the “Kodak moment” for a new generation of urban consumers through a new marketing campaign that employs three popular music artists and the new tagline, “So Kodak.”

“It’s a more modern description of the Kodak Moment,” Steve Hallowell, marketing communications director for Kodak, tells Marketing Daily. “‘So Kodak’ is really a bit more active way to get to the Kodak Moment. In urban settings, Kodak is synonymous with cool, hot and worthy of sharing with others.”

In October, the company will launch a multimedia marketing campaign using music artists Drake, Pitbull and Trey Songz. The three artists will appear in television commercials that depict their use of Kodak’s exclusive Share Button.

“It’s a fun, playful way for them to show how they use the Share Button to connect with their fans,” Hallowell says. Drake, Pitbull and Trey Songz will launch the campaign in New York City at an event in October, according to the company.

With the focus on the Share Button, the company will also employ social media — and the artists’ own fan communities — to spread the word. “They have more than 10 million fans [combined] on Facebook,” Hallowell says. “The whole connection of them sharing things with their fans was a good fit for Kodak.”

In addition to the television commercials (which will run on national and Spanish-language television networks), the campaign will include print and online advertising, as well as extensive local promotional marketing such as exclusive events, in some of the country’s largest urban markets. The company is targeting the young urban consumer, hoping that their influence will expand into the general market, Hallowell says.

“We call them ‘brand strivers’,” he says. “These are consumers that over-index in purchases of consumer electronics, and they tend to be the trendsetters. The things they latch onto move quickly into the general market.”